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The Big Three Oh plus a good quote about Scholes tackling

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With Ronaldo having previously been on 28 league goals for the season his brace today against the Hammers had brought him up to 30 LEAGUE goals. I've lost track again of how many that is altogether but I'm sure somebody will remind me.:) The question I want to know is who was the last person to score 30 premier league goals in a single season in the Premiership? I'm not talking about a total goals tally, just league goals. My first thought was Henry but I'm not certain, just going on reputation really. Next I remembered all that fuss Chelsea kicked up last season about Drogba being the first blues player to notch 30 goals in a season but that was a total goals tally, right? Including Champions League & FA Cup etc. So I'd like to hear from anyone who knows who last scored 30 goals in the league. Incidentally I guess this means the ESM Golden Shoe is all but in Ronaldo's pocket, another individual award his trophy cabinet must look obnoxious.:p

Also I read an article about Scholes by Jamie Redknapp, standard bum kissing routine, great passing, vision etc. It's a good article though, link here, and I found one particular quote I really liked and found incisive. I'll leave you with that quote.

Jamie Redknapp said:
"It makes me laugh when people say that Scholes can't tackle. He can, he knows what he is doing. I spoke to Roy Keane about him and he agreed — when Scholesy leaves something on an opponent or goes through someone, he means it. That bite in the tackle is not mistimed. It's for real.

It's not a nasty's a winning streak, a real edge. You can't survive in the Manchester United first team for so long without it.

On the pitch, he left me with a few reminders of Liverpool versus Manchester United matches but I used to enjoy meeting up with him for England."
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