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Its been well noted by a few members that carlos quieroz had a big influance on our portugues speaking players .

But what effect has it had on the whole squad and most of all on Sir Alex himself ?

Whats your view on the story ?

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i cant profess to know much about the workings of the relationship between fergie and carlos, but i do know it was the perfect partnership.
just like before we have missed carlos , and surely his departure has had an effect on the team.
all season we have been analyising the team and its performances , is it the tactics , do we need a new winger , we need a right back , its either ronaldo , berbatov or nani`s fault the team is not firing on all cylinders , bring back dong , its been an endless inquest.

however the more i think about it the more sense it makes, i mean bar the addition of berbatov this is the same squad that won a league and european double last season, the same team that destroyed all that came across their path, each and every player fought to the death.

this season reminds of the time carlos went to madrid, and we suffered in a similar fashion, i know there are many other factors to consider , injuries etc...
but for me the most obvious answer to our problems this season lie in the departure of carlos.
without doubt he is one of the top coaches in the world , however the same cant be said for carlos the manager.
i would love to see him back on the touchline with fergie, what ever they had together it was a dream partnership.
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