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When is the Church of Cantona going to be founded?
The Church of Cantona.

The Twelve Commandments of King Eric.

1. The ball is never dirtied though the seagulls follow the trawler

2. Love football above all else

3. Declare unconditional love for Cantona and the beauty of football

4. Defend the Manchester United team jersey with the upturned collar

5. Spread the news of Cantona's boots throughout the universe

6. Honour the temples where he played and his sacred shirts with the upturned collar

7. Don't proclaim Cantona as a member of any single team - he is the team

8. Preach and speard the principles of The Church of Cantona

9. Make your middle name Eric and your first name King.

10. Name your first son Eric D King.

11. Smite all who besmirch thy name with the ancient Kung Fu arts.

12. Praise my name with raised voices at the Temple of Old Trafford and let your heart rejoice in my memory.

These are the twelve commandments of King Eric handed down from on high to the great Prophet Sir Alex Ferguson on the Mount of Sir Matt busby Way.

Non believers or those who take his name in vain must go forth and multiply.
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