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Aren't you worried Fergie will groom the next manager to use basketball style defensive tactics and instruct the players not to aatack' :rolleyes:

I don't forget so easily, you 'lalang' fan...

A few months ago, you were portraying Fergie in a bad light and now you want him to 'pass on all his knowledge and experience and philosophy to this person with a view to continuing the dynasty. '

When you decide to stop being a fan and start being a supporter, let us know hor?!

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desmondo said:
RESPONSE TO red force rising

You seem to be suffering from selective memory problems. I never said that fergie should go or that he wasn't an incredible manager. I just thought (and still think) that the whole approach of sitting on a lead and inviting the other team on to us was ineffective. Many agreed with me. If I had started a "fergie out" campaign then fair enough - lambast me .

I don't remember you coming up with one single intelligent argument to counter what I was saying at the time. All you seemed to say was that anyone who criticised fergie's tactics must be a fool because the man is not of this world and is beyond any criticism. Such an approach is unthinking and simplistic. If you have nothing intelligent to offer what is an entirely valid tactical debate (which is probably beyond you) then just keep quiet.

If we ever met with fergie (the two of us) he would no doubt praise me for not worshipping him unconditionally as some demi -god and view you as a snivelling creep who thinks he never could make a mistake. He's no doubt considered many of the same issues that I brought up back then but decided that on balance he was right to play it the way he did. I disagree , but i think Fergie would understand why I might disagree , whereas in you all he would see is a "yes" man.


First of all, you seem to be the one with the selective memory, because while some were not happy with what was going, i can not remember a single person agreeing with you that Sir Alex Ferguson was instructing the team to sit on a lead and employ basketball style tactics.

You were alone in making that accusation. Later on, Sir Alex bemoaned the same things you were complaining about in a clear indicatation that it was not his instructions.

YOU accused Sir Alex of those things and bashed him at a time when the team as a whole weren't playing well. When the team started playing better and with more conviction, you conveniently disappeared.

On the debating front, it is so ridiculous for you to question my footballing knowledge when I have proven it consistenly and have many, many members commenting on my posts.

The same cannot be said for you.

Sarcasm is so lame...and for you to suggest that discussing tactics is beyond me is so poor. Is that all you can come up with.

Any kid can see what is not working for a team, Desmondo.




In a previous thread when I made fun of your comments and asked if you had inside knowledge of the going ons at Old Trafford or had a spy cam in the changing room, you countered that teams mostly play according to instruction in clear indication of your assumption that fergie was instructing them to play that way.

Fergie's lamenting of the team's performances were a clear indication that it was not his instruction.

Can you show me my posts where I ask everyone to be a yes man and where I worship Sir Alex as a demi God?

Also, if I ever met you I would put you down for the lousy fan you are, who slams the manager with assumptions he cannot possibly kow to be true.

If you call me a sniveling creep again I will ban you permanently. Fans like you give other real Manchester United supporters a bad reputation.

Also, why would you want someone who is obsessed with fear and cution to mentor our next manager?:

desmondo said:
Yes , momentum is what it's all about. If you watch the treble season video you can see the momentum building at the crunch end of the season. Where's the momentum here? Wouldn't winning at the bridge been the perfect tonic for Barca? Imagine resting players against wigan in prep for moscow? Fergie seems obsessed with caution and fear. But if we focus on what we fear (ie throwing it away) then that's what you end up getting.....Cantona rarely missed a penalty ..why?...because instead of trying "not to miss" he saw it as a fantastic opportunity to score. Does this team really see these games as a fantastic opportunity or are they afraid ?
In some of your posts you seem to pride yourself on saying it as you see it, but you don't just do that, you say things that you can't possibly know. Like insisiting Sir Alex is instructing the team to hold on to slender leads (which he later bemoaned making your statements an utter joke), that he is asking them to employ basketball-type defence (again Fergie later criticized the team for siting back, clearly showing those were NOT his instructions) and that he is obsessed with fear & caution.

Desmondo, I suggest you get your tiny head out of your arse and start thinking properly about what it means to SUPPORT a team.

You really don't realize what a lousy fan you are.

I see through your rhetoric BS and can only see a 'lalang' fan who slams fergie when the team is not doing well (it's a team sport by the way) and criticizes him with accusations you can't possibly know to be true.

When United are not playing well = It's all Fergie's fault. He's obsessed with caution and fear, he is the one telling the team to hang on to slender lead, because he is afraid and cautious. When United are winning = let Fergie mentor the next manager.

Please end yourself.

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Ah .... more fun reading.

desmondo said:
Thanks mate , but I'm a nobody. I'm worried that Fergie can't see this. It's natural that as you get older you become more conservative and cautious.

What I also can't understand is why , when you have got a team full of ball players and skill merchants , did we spend most of the first half hoofing the ball like Wimbledon only to have it mopped up by Liverpud. It even had my 10 year old screaming at the telly "pass it don't hoof it!!!!!" .
Yes, yes, the most decorated manager in football history cannot see what's going on in front of him, but desmondo then wants him to mentor our next manager.

I also just remembered that you think Sir Alex Ferguson is scared of Berbatov.

Please ask your 10 year old to kick you in the balls and then please .....


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I'm getting bored of being hounded by the likes of you.

If you had any sense you would realise that I didn't actually literally mean fergie was scared of Berba.It was a turn of phrase. My 10 year old CAN at least kick me in the balls , whereas you seem to be yet another "fergie can do wrong" member of the United thought-police. If you got kicked there you probably wouldn't feel it. You haven't got the balls to call an appalling performance appalling when it's right there in front of you. Maybe the view from inside Sir Alex's rectal cavity is not too great?

Having said that he is still the best man to mentor our next manager. What we want is a Shankly/Paisley scenario (and no-one can say Paisley wasn't his own man). But fergie did not arrive on this planet on a chariot you know........ :rofl:

I think you meant to write "Fergie can do no wrong member".

desmondo, my dear, I have criticized Sir Alex when it was deserved, but you on the other hand blame him for poor player performances and "perceived" wrong instructions that you could not be privy too unless you were in the Old Trafford dressing room, which you are obviously not - meaning you are making absurd accusations out of spite - not logic.

Even when replying to one of my posts, you don't even bother to defend my points against you, but simply seek to insult. Sooooooo pathetic. Really, really lame.

Anyway, there is nothing to defend. You very clearly questioned Sir Alex's ability to notice what is happening in front of his eyes when things were bad and when things were rosy, you show up and ask him to mentor the next manager.

You also insulted me calling me a sniveling creep for calling you out on this.

Tough shit - you made yourself look bad.

You come on here almost exclusively only after we have done badly and then proceed to slam Sir Alex, or spread doom and gloom - and usually over the top too.

To top it all off, you have insulted me twice now and you will take a nice break for it.

Not that you would care, of course.

We are all beneath you.

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it is fans like desmondo that gives us man u supporters a bad reputation,you were dead right to ban the fool :specool: like how could any supporter bemoan sir alex after all he has done for man u and football in general he is a living legend and he will go down as the beszt manager the history of the game,LIVING LEGEND:thumbsup:
- it's ok to question Sir Alex, but it's the manner in which desmondo has done.
After a defeat I can count on desmondo coming on here and absolutely slamming Sir Alex -not just questioning - but slamming and accusing him of giving the players all sorts of ridiculous instructions, which he cannot possibly be privy to.

ive had a brain wave of an idea why dosent firgie mentor the all knowing desmondo he know everything :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
- he might end up arguing with Sir Alex if that ever happened :rolleyes:

desmondo is a dipper in disguise
- you know.... I actually thought that for a while, but think he knows too much about United to actually be a bin-dipper. I just think he is a fair-weather fan, who doesn't really understand that footballers are human and that not every defeat is Sir Alex's fault.

However, the way he slams Sir Alex has led to question marks in my mind. My best friend's father is a life-long Arsenal fan and hates Sir Alex with a penchant. Everything Sir Alex does is is 'arrogant', 'over confident', 'relies on luck' and 'disrespectful'.

Reading some of desmondo's posts reminds me of that.

whats ur problem a typing mistake the beszt mistake and we are not man utd but as i see people in this forum refer to us as but u dont get on there backs
- I think the whole "we don't refer to ourselves as Man U" thing is exaggerated and I only started hearing about it on the internet. Ex Man Utd players who gave their everything on the pitch for the club refer to the club as Man U.

The reason why some fans don't like the term Man U is because of a disrespectful song sung by Leeds and Liverpool fans, but honestly it's quite a lame reason.

If Gary Pallister can say Man U, so can the fans.
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