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A few comments:

1 - You simply can't transfer the mind of a genius. I am not making a flippant remark here, I just believe that no matter how long a number two spends with Fergie, he will not become him.

2 - The person that will attempt to replace SAF will need numerous qualities and qualifications. Experience and abundant success as a number one will be paramount. Anyone with these attributes would not be willing to sit as an assistant for a couple of years. And really, would we want anyone who would be willing to do that?

3 - To be a true success, the next manager will need to make the team his own - not a remnant of Fergie's legacy. Player attraction, selection, management, strategy and tactics will need to fit his particular personality and characteristics. Any attempt to mimic Fergie's style in these areas would likely end fatally for the manager, if not for the club.

It's just my opinion tho.... ;)
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