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marty davidson said:
could someone pm me and tell me what is tourment is about

the world club championship is when the european champions {champions league} play the winners of the south american version over one game, utd have won this in 99, and it takes place every season.
but another stupid version was also started by fifa in 99 {the one where utd received critizism for pulling out of the fa cup},this involves a few teams from around the globe taking part in a tournament where 3 or 4 games might be played .when utd took part it was played in brazil ,pressure was put on utd to take part by the goverment but the fa would not allow us to field a second string team in the fa cup while we were away so we had to pull out ,and have been critized ever since.
this tournament should never have started it just doe's not fit into the european season,to be honest i thought it was scrapped i hope it is ,if not send our second team this time.:rolleyes:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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