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Steven Gerrard has denied charges of assault and affray and has recieved bail.

According to Sky Sports, he will now appear at Crown Court on March 20 due to the severity of the charges.

The Italian media - Tuttosport namely - are reporting that Gerrard could end up with a five-year prison sentence for his part in a Merseyside nightclub brawl on December 29.

Furthermore, the influential 28-year-old could be banned from international action by the FA, thus ending his Three Lions career.

Will it happen, jail time I mean? More importantly do we care? Well I suppose we would at that.

Liverpool, both club & the city, would be shell shocked. Even the burglars would pause, momentarily stunned.

Standing inside of Gerrard's lounge, in the midst of transferring his Plasma TV out through the window.

5 years is a long, long time for a nearly 29 year old footballer. It's be the end of his career, literally.

Unless he was planning to come back for a smaller team at the age of 34. Smaller than Liverpool, hard to find a club like that.

England career over. Never really began, to be honest. Yeah, jail time. Gerrard's an awfully pretty boy for jail...


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Hopefully he does get jail-time. It would help us and put Liverpoo into disarray. :D

But I think he'll just get a fine and a slap on the wrist tbh :rolleyes:

P.S - I have that vid saved on my YouTube faves :p. Its great.
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