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Don't know if any of you have been on to the website before but I will leave you a link. Nice website.

115 goals 290 games for George best, makes you proud to support United.:)

George Best

I knew the dreaded day would come,

I overheard dad say to mum,

"I am going to decorate Gillians' room"

all day I walked around with gloom.

With sad and heavy heart that night,

I told Georgie of my plight,

"I will have to take you off my wall".

He looked sad too, as if to say

"I am sorry because I would like to stay"

And so I slowly took him down,

And tried my hardest not to frown.

At last each wall was stark and bare,

No trace of Georgie anywhere,

Forlorn and sad I crept to bed,

To try and dream of him instead

I looked around - a sorry sight,

No Georgie there to say goodnight,

I found I could not sleep at all,

Without Georgie upon my wall.

But now my room is done and I am glad,

No longer will I feel so sad,

Because now he is back upon my wall,

Dear Georgie Best of all.

It got poem of the month on the website! Just thought I'd leave it with you!
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