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mikeybhoy71 said:
as a celtic and unted fanatic,i agree with you mate,i have shares in celtic,and i would have a wee share in unted as well,i believe that fans should own clubs,but the glazers deny us fans the right,they have sraddled utd with a massive debt,fans will be swayed by the fact that they have spent £50million,but it dont wash with me..they are not utd fans...never will be either...utd belong to the fans...always have...always will do:D
Bloody Celtic fans :p :p

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man.utd.singh said:
:eek: that was a bit rude

I hate the glazor stuff, people like them are turning football into a buissness and not a sport, i think who ever owns man utd should have a passion for football, a love for the club and not just want to make some cash.

i agree and i thank them for what theyve done with Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves, but thats thanks to SAF and i think if we dont win the prem this season Glazer will flip at SAF:eek:
Wakey has always been a business !!

You don't ask for much in who owns United either do you ?

Just a fanatic fan who has support them all his/her life, has a passion for United and is willing and able to invest £1 billion pounds and not care if they get it back !!! Hmmmmmmm.......not many people in Manchester will fit these demands sorry !!

Nani, Hargreaves, Anderson and Tevez is thanks to SAF ????

Whatever !!!

If Glazer say no to buying them - then they don't buy them - simple fact !!

Nothing to do with SAF !!

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The two options available to the Glazers must make you happy man Sal...

They have to force the interest rates down - which is impossible !!

Which mean they will HAVE to sell up !!!

But I don't think that will make people happy either.

So what now ?

What would make YOU happy ?

I only ask from interest because you seem to know more about all this than everyone else here :)

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No Car the two options do NOT make me a happy man.

What would ? MUFC owned by the fans. ( but thats very unliely to be anything
other than a dream ).

And i don't know more about this than anyone else, i just go to other places, read
up on MY clubs dealings, listen/read real facts and figures and post relative
information in threads for people to read for themselfs.

If you are happy with nearly a 50% rise over three years in the price of season
tickets, along with every other increase then thats probably because YOU dont
have to pay it as you dont have a season ticket or attend more than a couple of
games a season.
I would say the fact you - go to other places, read up
on YOUR clubs dealings, listen/read real facts and figures and post relative
information in threads for people to read......would make you the most
knowledgable on here....but if you say you are not then this is ok - I was making
compliment for you but no matter.

The option for fans owning the club doesn't exist...never will.

You only have 2 choice and you don't like either ! So this make me think you can
now never be happy as United fan !! I stop doing things that make me not

I know the people who have season tickets and go to match day regular feel they
are better than those of us who don't have these opportunities.....but if we
ignore this for a moment I see it this way for me.

Yes people have been going for 40 years or whatever and they make loyal fan of
course but people need to move with the times - prices go up - ALL prices go up.

If a man drive Aston Martin car like loyal fan for 40 years and he pay £1000 for his
first car - Aston Martin don't make special deal for him so he get car for £1000 all
the time !!! No, no, no he pay £110,000 like everyone else - the price has gone
up !!

I think United price for ticket is average for Prem League - cheaper than some
even. You say 50% rise is too much - but if you like to pay £22 then you can go
to see Hartlepool or get this premium team like United then
price is premium too !!

If the Glazers ran away tomorrow and leave this debt - do you really think there
will be not one person to step up and take over the club ? They will queue down
the street maybe round the corner too !!!

This club is worth maybe more than £1 billion now !! And turnover for business is
approaching the same figure !! This business turnover will double in 5 years !!

Would I pay £1 billion for United even with this debt ? You bet I would because I
would make my money back very quick I think !!

This is not Leeds or Bristol City - this is 100 times bigger than the whole Div 1
added together !!

I don't know...........all this nonsense is dividing the fans and it makes me wonder
who is who in this whole issue to be honest.

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reddwarf said:
These latest figures are a concern - especially since they coincide with rumours of a number of takeover bids by consortiums in Asia.

I think the Glazers have badly misjudged how much money they can squeeze out of the fans. The fact that there are still season tickets available when not so long ago the waiting list was a few years speaks volumes.

If it were not for the increased TV revenue and the sponsorship deal with AIG the Glazers would probably be already in discussions to sell the club.

My main worry is that if they decide to stay then they need something that will dramatically increase revenue e.g. an independent TV deal to cover United's matches in a new breakaway European Super League. I do not want to see that happen.
There is plenty more business to get in Asia - this market has only just scratch the surface so far. We have people from Malaysia and China on here - so this shows there is interest.......and they have money to spend. When we have the pre-season tour in Asia every ground was sold out and every fan wears this shirt we have. They are very fanatical fan and there are millions to earn here !!!

America !!!

There is a huge market to exploit in America too.......

As owners of The Buccaneers they have a sport empire where they can spread the word and link United with the Buccaneers and make plenty more business too.

Money is not a problem I don't think......not if the right business opportunities are taken care of properly !!!

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Justice said:
Massively rich people buying clubs = good.

However they cant come into it as a business. It doesnt work like that and people like Abramovic are starting to realise this. If I were a millionaire i'd buy United, because im a die hard fan and im willing to give money away to make them better. We need billionaire fans incharge, not businessmen.
If you were a MILLIONAIRE you would only be allowed to buy 0.1% of the club sorry :p





M16 0RA :D :D
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