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dovorian said:
So now your a bloody super hero.
Your point number two, i particular like the part where you brag about how you think your being the best fan in the world. It one of the good things they do idiot. We didn't want anything to change in terms of the running of the club. They may be thinking of ways to make cash, but thats the idea of paying off the debt.
They plan to win the league, so they're ask SAF if there is any need to add to the squad. If yes, who and how much.

The big bold writting. Well done, you've figures out how a football club is run. If we didn't have SAF, you WOULDN'T find that the Glazer have been giving away tickets for free, or standing outside giving out free merchandise.

What make you so sure, when you "Recue the club"( Not broke, don't fix it), you'll be so great. It a big job and you havn't figured that out because your to busy picking out a suit for that day you've been dreaming of. WAKE up call, It only ever going to be a dream.:D

Got alot of my chest. :)
:eek: that was a bit rude

I hate the glazor stuff, people like them are turning football into a buissness and not a sport, i think who ever owns man utd should have a passion for football, a love for the club and not just want to make some cash.

i agree and i thank them for what theyve done with Nani, Anderson and Hargreaves, but thats thanks to SAF and i think if we dont win the prem this season Glazer will flip at SAF:eek:
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