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The Goalkeepers thread

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so since i have been moved from a defender to a goalkeeper because i got some reports from other students and players for being "Foully in a dangerous way" :rolleyes: so now am the 2nd goalie for my team and am just 173 cm :blink:
i used to be afraid of the ball but not anymore now am getting more interested in my new position and training more and learning better techniques for saving and at the same time am starting to have more attraction for real goalkeepers

so what goalkeepers you think are great and whom goalies do you rate ?

imo Inter's goalie catches the eye his performance against us was magical

my top 10 goalies of this time is

1. Buffon
2. Casillias
3. Given
4. Frey
5. Cesar
6. Cech
7. Reina
8. Lloris
9. Van Der Sar
10. James

so lets debate about goalies
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How is David James better than Brad Friedel. Friedel has easily been in the top 2 in England for the past 2-3 years.
this season neither of them is showing his true quality
and the last season James was the best goalie among the premiership and probably europe :blink::blink:
Edwin should be way up that list.
Tbh in respect to my favourite goalie van der sar this season he haven't pull any single amazing save like what he used to
he probably conceded the least goals in the last two seasons but tbh the defence had helped him for making his records
he is among the top ten for his experience and for the few mistakes he makes but not in the top 5
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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