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Football or Soccer?

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red_devils4life said:
FFS, the term 'soccer' is in fact, gay! Who the hell came up with that term oughta' be ashamed of him/herself ! I juz' can't find any type of linkage between the term 'football' & 'soccer'....

The rules of football were codified in England by the Football Association in 1863, and the name association football was coined to distinguish the game from the other forms of football played at the time, specifically rugby football.

The term soccer originated in England, first appearing in the 1880s as a slang abbreviation of association football, often credited to former England captain, Charles Wreford-Brown.

Today the sport is generally known simply as football in countries where it is the most popular football code. In countries where other codes are more popular, the sport is more commonly referred to as soccer, and indeed is referred to as such in the official names of the governing bodies in the United States and Canada. FIFA, the sport's world governing body, defines the sport they govern as association football in their statutes, but the term most commonly used by FIFA and the International Olympic Committee is football.

The recognised international governing body of football is the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). The FIFA headquarters are located in Zürich.

Six regional confederations are associated with FIFA; these are:

Asia: Asian Football Confederation (AFC)
Africa: Confederation of African Football (CAF)
Central/North America & Caribbean: Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF; also known as The Football Confederation)
Europe: Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)
Oceania: Oceania Football Confederation (OFC)
South America: Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (South American Football Confederation; CONMEBOL)

None of the confederations above use the word soccer so it can only be FOOTBALL.


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Keano! said:
Coming from Ireland, we normally call Gaelic Football, "Football", so that leaves it with Soccer. I generally use both terms to be honest! Depends who I'm with....
:eek: Doesnt matter that we play Gaelic or not.
Its called FOOTBALL!! and ALWAYS will be.
I cant believe we have a thread on this, let alone a bloody poll.
I cant believe Im even responding to this. :rolleyes:
if anyone picks soccer(yanks excluded) they are banned for treason, treachery
and other various thingies...................

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It's football but the word soccer is actually an English slang word that was adopted by the Americans.

I believe it's also widely used in Australia.

In Italy they call it calcio and in some countries they spell it differently - futbol.

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I'm aware that most, sorry, all of you are angry/confused/ashamed of me for voting for "Soccer", but I did so because I play another sport called Gaelic Football and when conversing with my mates, I say football. If I go up to one of them and say, "Alri see the football game at the weekend?", They'd think I'm talking about a gaelic game instead of an English Premier Leagu "Football" game.

"Gaelic Football (Irish: Peil, Peil Gaelach or Caid), commonly referred to as "football", or "Gaelic" , is a form of football played mainly in Ireland. It, along with Hurling, is the most popular spectator sport in Ireland.[1]"

In Ireland, "football" can mean association football (EPL), Gaelic football or rugby union, depending on which code predominates within the speaker's community and political affiliation:

Association football, commonly known as football or soccer,

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footbal 100%. americans call it soccer. because they have american footbal. but american football is the worst name ever for that kind of sport which mostly played with hands. they should change the name to american ballcarying with violance !!!
but this game is footbal like Manchester United Footbal Club.
and since it's in the title of the club, the discussion is over...
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