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Title no chance manc's are on fire :angry:

Cheaski look like a spent force.

3 nil now :(

chelsea are sh!te

This has been a terrible weekend.

Title race is over, hand the mancs the title now. :down:

:laugh: Shurrup you silly feckers

Ok well lets see how we play catch up with them come next weekend.

If they win their next 2 games then we're going to be under pressure because they'll be ahead.

I'm sorry but bav's got a good point , united don't look like losing and their next game is against wigan who have steve bruce , a former player . What do you think the outcome of that match will be . Chelsea are pants they just rolled over today . off fergie

They've got to win them games first and if they do its still 1 point, plenty more points for all the top 3 to drop, what you think the mancs are going to go on and win every game from now?

Lets see what happens anyway, we're still up there

i wonder what all those people who have been slamming those who rant/moan or have been saying

a) but they dropped points too
b) but we're still top

will be saying now. its obvious if rafa keeps screwing around with the team we arent gonna make it. i dont understand why is it rest is so important when the games are so far apart just put ur best 11 bloody hell. we look more likely to drop points then manure scums :(

I know you can never predict these things but I cant see Utd losing any league games this season. They have played all the hard games away and still have to play the rest of the top 4 at home. That im afraid is going to be a big weapon on their side. I would have thought before that with Torres coming back and with Keane we would have enough fire power to turn those draws to wins but the problem is Rafa is not even playing Keane so we are effecivley playing like last season minus.

I know its not over till its over but I think we had our chance and blew it and now we can only hope that Utd slip up. We should not have put ourself in a position whereby we are needing them to slip up, not when we had the chance to be almost 10 points ahead. shame is all I can say.

Play your best team Rafa for sake!
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