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Who where the players that used this number for Man Utd?

My team here in brazil has the same magic in the same shirt...

In Botafogo, Garrincha used this number and since him the 'Glorious number 7' always have been used by the most important players.

Botafogo #7 user's:
Garrincha won for botafogo:

Well-know player.
Carioca Championship (1957, 1961 e 1962)
Rio-São Paulo Tournament (1962 e 1964)
Quadrangular Interestadual (1954)
Quadrangular de Bogotá (1960)
Pentagonal do México (1962)
Paris Tournament (1963)
Gov. Magalhães Pinto Tournament (1964)
Jubileu de Ouro da Associação de Futebol – La Paz Tournament (1964).

Jairzinho won for Botafogo:

He scored goal in every match in the 1970 world cup.

Rio-São Paulo Tournament: 1964 e 1966
Guanabara cup : 1967 e 1968
Championship Carioca: 1967 e 1968
Brasil Cup: 1968
Governador Magalhães Pinto Tournament : 1964
Jubileu de Ouro da Associação de Futebol de La Paz Tournament: 1964
Quadrangular do Suriname Tournament: 1964
Círculo de Periódicos Esportivos cup: 1966
Carranza de Buenos Aires cup: 1966
Hexagonal do México: 1968

Did the winning goal against Flamengo, that ended 21 years that Botafogo was without a championship, Flamengo had one of the best teams ever in their history, with zico( Fenerbahçe manager) and other player from Brazil national team, they won the brazilian championship that year.

Túlio: against juventus, 3 goals. fantastic goal in the most important competition on america.

Was the best player in the team that won the Brazilian championship.
Brazilian champion: 1995.
Rio-São Paulo Tournament: 1998.
Teresa Herrera cup: 1996.
Cidade Maravilhosa cup: 1996.

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The point of this thread is to teach me some of the red devils history, and let me teach some of my team history to the ones interested in...

Here in Brazil i dont have acess to the united history, and i think its important to the red devils to have fans everywhere, including Brazil...
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