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Keano! said:
It should be a good season, but for some reason I still see it being a two horse
race in the end, Liverpool and Arsenal for me. Only messing, lol, United and
Chelsea simply have the players and cash to deal with it all. Until Rafa decides on
a team and gets them going and Wenger signs someone over teh age of 26 for
experience, neither of those two are going to sustain a season long challenge.

Relegatin will be very interesting this season. Normally, two of the three that
came up the previous year go down and the third stays up but I don't think so
this time. Hull, no offence to them, but Derby number 2 I'm affraid. I think Stoke
and West Brom have the quality to stay up and I think Bolton adn Reading have
to be very carefull.

Seems like only yesterday we were watching Mr. Terry cost his team a Champions
League honour and the whole joruney is about to start again. Roll on Rome and
hopefully another Premier league crown and how sweet will this one be....the
Scousers won't be blabbing anymore! ;)

Can't wait!

Reading are gone down
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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