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Newcastle United have signed the New Gazza – Paul Gascoigne's seven-year-old nephew.

Cameron Gascoigne was snapped up by the Premier League giants after scoring 22 goals in a 30-minute match.

The youngster was made to swap sides at half-time to balance out the score.

Cameron idolises Paul, 41, and spends hours every night copying his ball skills on an artificial pitch in his back garden.

Now the youngster's mum Lindsay, 35, is praying her famous brother emerges from rehab to mastermind Cameron's career.

And she said she's desperate to protect him from WAGs like Paul's ex-wife Sheryl, 44.

She said: “Paul is an inspiration to Cameron on the pitch – and I'm just hoping he will learn from his mistakes off it.

“He absolutely adores his uncle and is so proud to wear the name Gascoigne on the back of his shirt.

“My brother needs to get well for himself because he is a good man and deserves some happiness.

“But he's also really keen to help Cameron become the very best player he can.†Lindsay said when Paul comes out of rehab he plans to take Cameron along to Newcastle's academy, where he has won a place.

“It will give him something really positive to focus on,†she added.

“Maybe one day we'll see the name ‘Gascoigne' on the back of an England shirt once again.''

Cameron shot to stardom when he fouled his uncle as they warmed up before Gazza played for Newcastle United veterans at St James' Park two years ago.

He only started playing for Rutherford Swifts near his home in Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, this season, but has astounded football chiefs.

After netting a hat-trick on his debut his 22-goal haul came in a five-a-side match.

His goalscoring exploits attracted the attention of Newcastle United's scouts.

22 goals in 30 minutes? LMAO Don't think I could do that on FIFA nevermind in real life!

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ive scored 22 goals in 30minutes in my youth easily :p i always wake up after though ha!

roxi there comparing him to the new gascoine because its his uncle but ya i agree i hate when people do that too evry french player is the new zidane:rolleyes: when thers ever only going to be one zidane!
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