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I own the official WC 2006 ball & I've always found it to be great, really easy & comfortable to hit. Flys pretty far.

To the best of my knowledge it was designed to fly further & straighter for long shots.

So when you think that the Euro ball was a slightly modified WC 2006 ball it's strange that there wasn't more long range goals.

Maybe it's just the modern game getting way more defensive.

Plus teams like Spain prefer an intricate build up and precise finishto long range 30 yard screamers.

manutdplayr said:
I like how a discussion about a soccer turns in to a Ronnie Debate...but its so necessary
Could not agree more there mate.

I for one am getting sick to death that almost
every thread started ends up talking about
Ronaldo going/staying.

Any posts that i find now that are starting another
Ronaldo debate or going off topic are going to be deleted.

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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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