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FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

Unibond Premier 15-08-2009 15:00 Boston United H....L....1 - 2...Att....2,482
Unibond Premier 17-08-2009 19:45 Bradford Park Avenue A....L.....3 - 2....Att.... 1150
Unibond Premier 22-08-2009 15:00 Retford United A.....D.....1 - 1......Att.....????
Unibond Premier 26-08-2009 19:45 Marine H....W...3 - 0....Att....1884
Unibond Premier 29-08-2009 15:00 Burscough H.....W....2 - 0......Att.... 1879
Unibond Premier 31-08-2009 15:00 Ossett Town A .....W...1 - 1....Att.....801
Unibond Premier 05-09-2009 15:00 Kendal Town A.......L.....1 - 0......Att....1117
Unibond Premier 09-09-2009 19:45 Whitby Town H....D....1 - 1......Att
FA Cup 12-09-2009 15:00 Sheffield FC A .... W...1 - 3.....Att ...1208
Unibond Premier 15-09-2009 19:45 Matlock Town A Postponed TBA
Unibond Premier 19-09-2009 15:00 Guiseley H.....L....1 - 2....Att.....
Unibond Premier 23-09-2009 19:45 Worksop Town A....L....3 - 1.....Att...345
FA CUP 26-09-09 North Ferriby Utd A .....W....0 - 1.....Att....
Unibond Premier 03-10-2009 15:00 Stocksbridge Park Steels H .... W...4 - 3...Att...1888
Unibond Premier 07-10-2009 19:45 Nantwich H(at Hyde)...W...4 - 0....Att ...1650
FA Cup 11-10-09 Stalybridge Celtic H....D....3 - 3.....Att....2800
Unibond Premier 10-10-2009 15:00 King's Lynn A.....Postponed...TBA.
FA Cup Replay 13-10-09 Stalybridge Celtic A W....0 - 1...Att....1923
Unibond Premier 14-10-2009 19:45 Frickley Athletic H Postponed TBA.
FA Trophy 17-10-2009 15:00 Ashton United A W.....1 - 3 ...Att729
FA Cup 24-10-2009 15:00 Northwich Victoria A
Unibond Premier 27-10-2009 19:45 North Ferriby Utd A
Unibond Premier 07-11-2009 15:00 Buxton H
Unibond Premier 14-11-2009 15:00 Hucknall Town A
Unibond Premier 21-11-2009 15:00 Durham City H
Unibond Premier 28-11-2009 15:00 Kendal Town H
Unibond Premier 05-12-2009 15:00 Whitby Town A
Unibond Premier 12-12-2009 15:00 Matlock Town H
Unibond Premier 20-12-2009 12:00 Guiseley T A
Unibond Premier 26-12-2009 15:00 Ashton United A
Unibond Premier 01-01-2010 15:00 Ossett Town H
Unibond Premier 09-01-2010 15:00 Boston United A
Unibond Premier 16-01-2010 15:00 Bradford Park Avenue H
Unibond Premier 23-01-2010 15:00 Stocksbridge Park Steels A
Unibond Premier 03-02-2010 19:45 Worksop Town H
Unibond Premier 06-02-2010 15:00 Nantwich A
Unibond Premier 13-02-2010 15:00 King's Lynn H
Unibond Premier 20-02-2010 15:00 Frickley Athletic A
Unibond Premier 06-03-2010 15:00 Buxton A
Unibond Premier 20-03-2010 15:00 North Ferriby Utd H
Unibond Premier 31-03-2010 19:45 Retford United H
Unibond Premier 02-04-2010 15:00 Marine A
Unibond Premier 07-04-2010 19:45 Ashton United H
Unibond Premier 10-04-2010 15:00 Burscough A
Unibond Premier 17-04-2010 15:00 Durham City A
Unibond Premier 24-04-2010 15:00 Hucknall Town H



FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site


FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site


FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site


FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

FC United Radio

Ticket Info

FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

Image Gallery

FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

Squad Details

FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

FC United News

FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site


FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

Info Hotline

0800 6260 295

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All Main Routes: Exit M60 at junction 17 (s/p A56 Whitefield, Salford). At roundabout follow signs to `Whitfield A56, Radcliffe (A665), Bury A56' onto the A56. After 0.3 miles go straight over double traffic lights passing McDonalds on LHS (s/p Bury A56, Radcliffe A665). At lights after 0.8 miles (just after the `Bull's Head' pub) bear right (s/p Bury A56). Straight on at lights after 1.0 miles (s/p Town Centre). After 1.0 miles turn right (s/p Football Ground) into Gigg Lane. Ground is on RHS after 0.1 miles. From North and East (via M66): Exit M66 at junction 2 and follow signs to `Bury A58, Football Ground' onto the A58 Rochdale Road. After 0.5 miles turn left at traffic lights by the Crown Hotel (s/p Football Ground) onto Heywood Street. After 0.4 miles turn right at second mini-roundabout (s/p Football Ground, Manchester, Salford B6219) into Wellington Road. At next mini-roundabout turn left into Market Street. Straight on over mini-roundabout after 0.1 miles and right at T-junction after 0.2 miles into Gigg Lane.

For all Non League info. Tables, facts, figures, League structuring etc.

For all Non League grounds info. Info on clubs, photos etc.

Nearly every FCUM flag and tons of photos.

FC United Shop.

Russian speaking site. Also in English. Well worth looking at. One of the best there is.
Some tips if you go to Gigg Lane.

The catering inside the ground is provided by a third party who pay Bury FC for the privilege. The prices for their products are very high. For example a pie (£2.40) and coke (£1.80) will set you back well over £4. It's £1 for a chocolate bar. The quality of the food does not match the price, I'm afraid.

FC United has nothing to do with the catering, nor the pricing.

The burger van outside the gate is another matter. The food is very good, with a choice of burgers, hotdogs and hot cooked-meat baguettes (pork, turkey etc), hot and cold drinks. The prices are considerably lower and a contribution is made to FC funds for every purchase.

Please "vote with your feet" and avoid buying in the ground.

There are a good few pubs in the vicinity. The Swan & Cemetery is around a third of a mile from Gigg Lane down Manchester Road (back towards the M60 motorway). The Pack Horse is another popular pub and this is the FC fans' favourite. It is probably a quarter of a mile towards Bury, also on Manchester Road but in the opposite direction to the S&C. If you fancy a beer and a chat with a few of our lot you'll normally find someone in there from 1ish. Other pubs worthy of a mention are the Waterloo and the Staff Of Life (again closer to Bury) on Manchester Road.

Because we play at a League ground, the attendance normally means two stands will be open. The Manchester Road End is behind the goal and is normally populated by FC's noisier elements. The Main Stand contains the away fans, sponsors and officials and the FC fans who prefer a side-on experience. There is segregation, so once you go in, you're there for the whole game.
No-one will be arsed if away fans want to go in the MRE, or in the Main Stand with the FC fans.
We're a good lot and enjoy the chat and banter.

FC United. Who ? What ? Why ? How ?

Had quite a few United supporters asking questions about FCUM
so thought i would copy/paste this to give people some answers.

FC United of Manchester
Find out about FC United of Manchester, their manifesto and their place in footballing history.

Fact File
Name: FC United of Manchester
Address: Gigg Lane, Bury, Lancashire
League: Northern Premier League

FC United of Manchester is a football club founded by disaffected, disenfranchised and priced out Manchester United supporters. Our aim is to create a sustainable club for the long term which is owned and democratically run by its members, which is accessible to all the communities of Manchester and one in which they can participate fully.

Although driven by very different circumstances, FC United of Manchester takes as its inspiration a number of supporters' groups who have gone down this route, including AFC Wimbledon, who have offered unstinting support.

FC United of Manchester is intended to create a football club which addresses the concerns which many Manchester United fans have had over the last decade or more with how the club and football have developed, culminating in the club's takeover by Malcolm Glazer. We will follow the best traditions of Manchester United's past by developing policies which encourage youth participation in terms of both playing and supporting.

FC United of Manchester has be formed as a member-owned, democratic, and non-profit making entity on the Industrial and Provident Society company model. The EGM will focus on the election of a board of directors by the members, and the direction of the club over the coming seasons.

We have ambitious and long term plans. Above all we want to be seen as a good example of how a club can be run in the interests of its members and be of benefit to its local communities. However, we are a new club and will require patience in order to reach our goals. With the help of all our members and supporters we are confident we can achieve them.

Seven core principles of how the club operate are set out below, and agreed by the membership, will be protected by all elected Board members:

The Board will be democratically elected by its members.

Decisions taken by the membership will be decided on a one member, one vote basis.

The club will develop strong links with the local community and strive to be accessible to all, discriminating against none.

The club will endeavour to make admission prices as affordable as possible, to as wide a constituency as possible.

The club will encourage young, local participation - playing and supporting - whenever possible.

The Board will strive wherever possible to avoid outright commercialism.

The club will remain a non-profit organisation.


FC United of Manchester board member Russell Delaney passed
away this month( november 2005) after suffering a long illness. Russell was a fighter.
A quietly spoken man of great humility Russell spent the last few
months of his life campaigning against Malcolm Glazer’s takeover
of Manchester United and helping establish FC United. Shortness
of breath and a dependence on an oxygen bottle did not stop
him travelling up to Manchester two or three times a week for
FC United steering committee meetings.
A qualified Independent Financial Advisor with extensive contacts
throughout football, Russell was a key advisor to supporters who
campaigned first against Rupert Murdoch and then Malcolm
Glazer. His insights into the complex detail of the financing of
Glazer’s takeover gave fans a greater understanding of the threat
that Glazer posed. When Glazer succeeded in gaining control of
United, Russell threw himself into establishing FC United. He
steered the applications to the FA and the North West Counties
League and worked closely with Supporters Direct to draw up
the Industrial and Provident Society rules under which we now
Russell collapsed at the Supporters Direct Conference and was
rushed to hospital with pneumonia. Confinement to a hospital
ward did not stop Russell carrying on his work for the club; as he
issued instructions via his mobile phone his fellow patients
complained that he was turning the ward into an office!
He ultimately lost his fight against lung
disease but his determination, meticulous
attention to detail and clear thinking
ensured that FC United became a reality.
He will be greatly missed by all those who
knew, him especially his two daughters and
family. United fans have lost a champion,
but like a true champion his memory and his legacy will live on.
Russell never gave in and remained cheerful and upbeat to the
end.Those of us who knew him are privileged as he leaves us all
the richer for the experience. So if anyone ever tells you that a
situation is desperate and there is nothing that can be done,
make sure you tell them about Russell Delaney.

Andy Walsh, FC United

Fan Base
This week FC United fan Vinny Thompson

Success of a fan-led club

NonLeague Today


FC UNITED are very special to all of us involved with the football club. The whole concept is a new way forward in football, a club which is supporter led, and democratically owned by the supporters.

It is a way for the man in the street to gain access into sport, to take decisions within a club and what's more, it has been a success. None of us came into this with any expertise of running a football club.

Living in Tameside, my only involvement in NonLeaque was to go and watch a few games, but since FC United came into existence, everyone had grown with the club.

An important aspect of FC United is the commitment to the community.

In fact our constitution states that FC United must be "accessible and of benefit to all communities of Greater Manchester."

That commitment is demonstrated by us having 300 volunteers working with local groups.

In a couple of week's time I'll be organising a tournament for kids from care homes from all the North West.

In a scheme being supported by the Co-op, we will be working with refugee groups.

There will also be a tournament for four local mosques who have formed their own teams.

We hold inclusion days when under 18s are allowed into games for free.
This will ensure that kids from areas where they have never seen live sport will be able to watch a game.

People from most areas within our communities would come and support football if only we reached out to them.

As you know we have big support, and they do like to make a lot of noise. We call them the 90/90 fans.

That is 90 per cent of the fans sing for 90 minutes. But we still respect our NonLeague roots and enjoy the great camaraderie among NonLeaque supporters.

When we started off In the North West Counties a few short years ago we took big crowds to other grounds and that has continued as we moved up the Pyramid.

The banter and rapport with opposition fans in clubhouses and local pubs is great. That is something which is special to NonLeague


Post your YouTube Videos here, saves them getting lost
amongst threads. is the channel link. I am an FC fan. I am an FC fan again but from in the crowd at the same game at Halifax.

a few sloop john b

this one for the FC versions 2 united's



The very first game at Le Stad de Gigg v Padiham, complete with the very first goal as it hits the back of the net, some nice crowd shots, Enjoy

Champions 2005/06. FC United's Open Top Bus 2005/06

2 Uniteds 1 Soul.
YouTube - Manchester United & FC United - 2 United's 1 Soul

President's Cup Final 2008 Video
video clip from Newcastle Blue Star ( 19. 4. 08 ). Top atmosphere!

Also try

FC United fans 2005. :)

FC United Fans Arrive for The Championship Trophy Ap/2006

Some great videos.

We're having a party when Glazer dies (read the comments on this ).


FC United Red Redemption Movie

FC Utd on the Rammy Rattler

Manchester United - Love United - Hate Glazer

Funny Unusual Goal Celebration v FC United

v BPA. Last match of the season 2008/09

The Official FC United, Season 2009/10 thread.

Fixtures and all info.

Margy announces squad

FC United manager Karl Marginson is pleased to announce a 23 man squad for the forthcoming season which is listed below in alphabetical order.

Sam Ashton
John Buckley
Adam Carden
Simon Carden
David Chadwick
Jake Cottrell
Ben Deegan
Simon Garner
Abdirashid Ibrahim (waiting for clearance, see below)
Carl Lomax
Jamie Mack
Philip Marsh
Ben Morris
Tunji Moses
Robert Nugent
Carlos Roca
Grant Shenton
Daniel Stott
Nick Swirad
Adam Tong
Danny Warrender
Danny Williams
Jerome Wright

Margy has retained 15 first team squad members from last season, promoted three of our treble winning youth team to join Nick Swirad - who was called up towards the end of last season, and made five new signings.

Striker Ben Deegan has joined from Ashton United, full-back Ben Morris was previously playing for Manchester City reserves, defensive midfielder Danny Stott has experience with Bolton Wanderers’ academy and youngster Jake Cottrell has moved from North West Counties side Oldham Town.

Forward Abdi Ibrahim has recently been released by Manchester City’s youth academy and we are waiting for international clearance and Home Office checks. Abdi is originally from Somalia but is a Norwegian national.

Goalkeeper Grant Shenton, midfielder John Buckley and striker Jamie Mack are the players who have made the step up from Peter Freakes’ all conquering youth team.

Supporters may notice one or two names missing from the list particularly Papis Dieyte and former youth team player Shaun Williams, who has featured in the vast majority of our pre-season friendlies. Papis has recently decided to leave the club and we wish him all the best for the future. Meanwhile, we are hopeful that Shaun will commit himself to the club by the end of the week.

The squad is of course subject to change but Margy is pleased with the players he has got at his disposal to start the season with. He said: “We’ve kept the nucleus of last season’s side together and we’ve added some very good players. I think the vast majority of the lads want to put right what went wrong last season and they want to go up as champions this time around. They’re hungrier than ever.”

FC United of Manchester - Official FCUM Web Site

This last week has seen friendlies at Hyde United and Maine Road. The game at Hyde was partly played in what seemed like a monsoon... not bad for 1st August! Nevertheless, the players stuck it out and rode out 3-1 winners against the Conference North outfit and the FC faithful were in fine voice as usual.

Maine Road was the opposite in many ways, played on a warm, and more importantly dry, summer night, in quite basic surroundings. The result went against us this time with a controversial penalty midway through the second half but the match served as another run out for the squad.

With only a week to go there’s just enough time for a trip to the North Wales coast for Colwyn Bay (Saturday 8th August) and finally another pre-season visit to Trafford (Tuesday 11th August).

Then the serious business of the league starts. The first fixture of the season is a home game, so let’s cover those blue seats at Bury with the red and white of United and get behind the team.

FC United will welcome Boston United back to Gigg Lane on Saturday 15th August. Their two visits to Gigg Lane last season both ended in victory for the Pilgrims, although the Reds managed to pull one back with a 1-0 win at their place in January.

The Gigg Lane turnstiles will be open from 2pm, with the FC United bars The Main Stand Inn and Course You Can Malcolm open earlier.

FC United vs. Boston
Gigg Lane, Bury, BL9 9HR
Saturday 15th August
3pm (as ever)

Adults £7.50
Over 60s, students, unwaged £5
Under 18s £2

Let’s start season number 5 as we finished season 4 - we didn’t manage that play-off place in the end, but the bumper crowds in the last three games did us proud. Margy and co are determined to aim for the top spot this year after last season’s disappointment, so make sure you come along for the ride.

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Got a good chance of promotion this season. Jealous as fook that you get to go to this every week.

Went to that maine road game, atmosphere wasnt great tbh but it was to be expected i suppose. That boston game will be good if they bring a few with em.

Got a good chance of promotion this season. Jealous as fook that you get to go to this every week.

Went to that maine road game, atmosphere wasnt great tbh but it was to be expected i suppose. That boston game will be good if they bring a few with em.
Told you that Maine Rd would be a bit quieter, friendly, midweek game.

Boston reckon they're bringing 250-300, should be around 3,000 attendance i reckon. :thumbsup:
I'll have a few beers and sing a few songs for you mate. :D

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No you didnt, you told me there'd be about a thousand there! :D

Yeah read that about boston on the forum, should be a class atmosphere.

Should be making an appearance at gigg lane in the next couple of months anyway :D

Last night i was out and got talking to some scouser who claimed to play for FC.

Phil Coffin?!?!

He said he hates Mancs most of the time but he loves the set up at FC...
Phil Coffin has never played for FC United mate, he played for Vauxhall Motors and for Rhyl reserves(i think) about 2006/07.
He's pulling your plonker. :rofl:
Complete players list since 2005.
FC United of Manchester - All-time Players` Statistics

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:( NOOO!!! I miss the first five games of the season becuase I'm away!!!! :( I'm so gutted!!!!! Extra gutted as well as I would have also been able to get to United on Sunday!!! :( :( :( At least the season's starting again :D Hopefully can win the league, get promoted or at least have some amazing moments like last season! :D Wonder if any smoke bombs will make an appearence like last game of the season last season hmmmm :) If anyone needs help getting in the mood, here's a video me and my brother made a while ago... enjoy :)

"2 Uniteds but the soul is one, as the Busby Babes carry on!"

YouTube - FC United- Bar Scarves Twirl

He seems lively enough, though i wasnt entirely sober.
He's a very decent player is our Jerome.
111 appearences, 23 goals and always gets stuck in when it matters, hence 21 yellow cards. :D

If anyone remembers this thread about season ticket prices..

You might like to know that 8th August last season FC had sold 985 season tickets, about 250 bought season tickets at the first couple of games of the season taking sales up to about 1200.

This season with the 'pay what you can afford' idea FC has sold 1111 to date, so if another couple of hundred buy theirs tomorrow (or the next couple of games), sales are well up.

The average amount paid per STs this year (so far, obv) is, from what can be worked out, (considerably) higher. So not only have FC sold more tickets, but the average paid per ticket has gone up as well.

FC’s “pay however much you can afford for your season ticket” campaign has hit its £125,000 target by passing 1,000 sales — more than the club sold at the same point last year.

Rebels spokesman Julian Spencer said: “A lot of people said we were brave and ambitious to introduce such a scheme, some questioned whether we were being foolish, but we said right from the start that we trusted supporters. Why shouldn’t we? It’s their club after all.”

People said the idea was stupid, that it wouldn't work and that FC would make a loss on sales.
Who said fans don't know how to run a football club?
Well FCUM !!!! :D

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really excited for my first game at gigg lane now. let's hope united can push on from last year and get promotion!
all the songs stuck in my head, can't wait to get on the MRE and sing them all!
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