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Ex-Chelsea Manager is plotting to steal Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard when
he finally decides to take his next managerial job. Both Drogba and Lampard
have apparently been told to sit tight and wait for the call from Mourinho, Drogba
has already kicked up a stink about Mourinho's sacking and was said to have
wept when he left, and rumours have been swirling about Lampard's desire to
do a runner too, especially as he has only 18 months left on his contract.
Mourinho said of his midfield mate:

“If he has critics, I am not one of them. He has people that support him every
time and I am one of them. Frank is a winner and I know I can count on him.â€

The Daily Mail is pedalling this tenuous rumour (we'd give it about 5/10) but they
have bolstered this hear-say with a rock solid witness, yes you guessed it - they
found a garrulous but anonymous insider to spill the beans.

A faceless shadowy insider at Chelsea said:

“Those two players are like Jose's blood brothers. They know he will never forget
about them.â€

The Daily Mail claims that Mourinho has had talks with Inter Milan and is known to
be filling his now empty days with Italian language lessons, and Chelsea bosses
will know that Mourinho has a history of taking stars with him to his new clubs
and Inter are probably one of the few clubs in the world, along with Real, who
can actually afford to match Chelsea-like transfer fees.

So are any Chelsea fans worried? Or has all the badge kissing and group huddles
of the past two years convinced you that the stars really do love it at the club?

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Justice said:
AC Milan? There in need of a new manager since Ancelotti cant even get them into the top half of the Serie A! I watched them today and were extremely poor. I reckon hes going to the Rossioneri.
ac have been a spent force for a few seasons, how the fcuk they won the champs league last year is still beyond be

maybe coz they ae cheating ****s and was able to rest there entire team had some thing to do with it
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