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The Time Has Come To Get A Bit Tougher And FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT For United !!!!!!!

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Although Giggsy is getting on in years and his legs don't carry him so well now, he
still has the competitive edge and the will to ‘fight' to be the best. When I was
still growing up in Romania I sometimes was able to watch him on video and he
has always had the ‘never-say-die' attitude.

Even this week as United have been faltering - and Arsenal carry on with their
relentless good form he was heard to say that United are now ready to get ugly
to show Arsenal the race for glory is more than about ‘Fantasy Football'.

These 2 Premier League giants go head-to-head in the FA Cup on Saturday and
victory for either side will be a huge psychological blow over their rivals.

Arsenal have opened up a five-point gap at the top of the table, with many
observers rating Arsene Wenger's men as the most eye-catching team in the

Giggs and Fergie have noted all the praise being heaped on Wengers team ….

However, the four-times FA Cup winner insists that United can match Arsenal in
any beauty contest – and will also prove their mettle when the going gets tough.

It's always been the United way to try to win with good football, but our ability to
win ugly as well has been a trademark of the last 15 years or so.

In the majority of games, we're going to try to play attractive football and score
lots of goals, but we also need the added steel for games like the ones at
Liverpool this season and last.

We didn't play particularly well in the last two games at Anfailed, but still
managed to sneak a win.

They're the kind of results that really do win leagues, not the big wins like 6-0
against Newcastle.

You find that every team you come up against in the Premier League is playing for
something, whether it's battling to stay up, going for a place in Europe or trying
to win the title.

Many of those clubs would consider a point against United to be a good result, so
you're coming up against sides that maybe don't intend to win. They just want to
defend and get men behind the ball and that's what we will have to try to
overcome – the teams that are trying to stifle our play.

Both United and Arsenal are still harbouring dreams of pulling off a Treble of
Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League this season.

United, who accomplished the feat in 1999, went close last term, only to crash out
of Europe in the semis before losing to Chelsea in the FA Cup Final…Grrrrrrr.

Ferguson's men face a tricky last-16 tie against Lyon in the Champions League,
while Arsenal must overcome reigning champions AC Milan to progress to the

And despite United's recent form slump in the league, Giggs insists that another
Treble is still on the cards.

I am hoping a defeat against us in the Cup followed by a good beating from Milan
may slow the Gunners down a bit.

But can this happen … ?
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carly, that thread title could well be a music hit.......:eek:.....;)

Yes, As I keep saying, there comes a time (Fergie, Giggs, Hargreaves et al) when you have to start doing what you say and backing your comments up with results and most of all, some good, attacking football.

And I guarantee that if Fergie starts concentrating moreso on the Champions League than the Premier League and FA Cup, we could be knocked out of the CL and then where will we be if he has played the likes of Carrick and Nani in big games like Derby matches et cetra.

Time to get real and treating other teams with some respect by fielding a quality side and pysching the players up and

showing no respect on the field by outplaying them and flying in for tackles the way Keano and co used to.

Remember, as strange as it may seem, United do not have the divine right to win every game, and that counts for games against City and other lower down teams.
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