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yangch0000 said:
no way ronaldo is on that list, irwin, cantona, schmeichel, bruce, to list a few, all of them way ahead of ronaldo
£12 million may seem a bargain now. I consider bargains like signing a player for half a million while players at the same time were being sold for say £8 million and then the half million player proves to be even better than any of them. For this reason,

1. Eric Cantona - Won us our first prem title, Double and attracted higher calibre of player to the club as a result

2. Peter Schmeichel - Arguably the worlds greatest goalkeeper of all time. Have you ever had keepers WIN games for a club (remember the Newcastle game at St James). Clean sheet after clean sheet came natural to this guy and his defence respected him.

3.Ole Gunnar Solksjaer - £1.5 million repaid 200-300 times over. Guy will be United legend folklore for centuries to come. Simple as...

4. Les Sealey - FREE Picked this one simply for the amazing game he had for the FA Cup Replay against Palace. Helped get the FA Cup and then went on to lift Cup Winners Cup that moved us onto bigger and greater things. Being FREE at a time when FREE transfers were rarities then make it even better.
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