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The training match on MUTV

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Obviously today was a public training session, and was shown on MUTV, but did anyone else realise that when they did the training match Paul Scholes' team dominated for 2/3 of it?

I know this maybe a bit of a pointless thread but all of our players have always said that the team with Scholes in it usually wins, and it looked like they were right. I only watched about half the program (will watch the rest 2moro) but from what I saw he trains exactly like he plays and he pretty much had complete control over the whole match. He scored atleast 2 goals aswell (like I said I only watched half).

Its not like he had the best team either. From whatI can remember he had Rio, Vidic, VDS, Giggs, Rodrigo and Fabio on his team while Rooney, Evra, Nani, Pig, Fletcher were on the other team so its not like he had by far the better team. He partnered Rodrigo at CM aswell so that will be help Rodrigo learn how to control the tempo of a match.

I also noticed that, like in the Pompey match, Nani looks a lot quicker than he used to. He actually seemed to play like Ronaldo does, kicking the ball infront and running after the ball instead of holding onto the ball while standing still.

Evra also looked very good as did Fabio. Tevez looked very poor, maybe he's one of those players who has to give 100% to play well.

I'm not really sure what the point in this thread is but I just thought I'd share what I saw/thought I saw in todays training session.
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