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When things like that happen it brings shame on the name of both football and club.

What kind of behavior is that? A bunch of fans who to be honest are not fans just trouble makers. Its a football match, not worth getting into a big fight and brawl and riot over.

If you are going to a football match or anywhere for that matter why can't you go for what it is - the event - instead of an after riot! I don't understand them, it is that hard to be civilized on a street or in a football stadium or anywhere outside your own house?

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Nothing new for Leeds really.

It's probably better they are in such a low down league.......

That way those idiots that support them cant hurt so many people !!!

Makes me laugh how the clubs keep letting them in too.....

Get their pictures and ban them for ever !!!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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