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Not too sure where to put this so let's call it the miscellaneous thread...

Paul Parker on why Manchester United Miss Carlos Queiroz, Berbatov isn't Lazy & Why Tevez Needs to be Loved!

Former Manchester United star Paul Parker has given his forthright views on Manchester United this week including the form of Dimitar Berbatov, Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez plus the his belief that the Red Devils may be missing Carlos Queiroz this season. The former QPR and England star was speaking on Chappers The New Football Pools Podcast.

Parker had this to say on the arrival of Dimitar Berbatov, “From last season I was saying if Manchester United got Berbatov they'd go on to the league. They may won the league last season and did so well but I always felt they missed a centre-forward and when they signed Berbatov I was really, really pleased but he hasn't got going as people would have likedâ€.

He rubbished ideas that the Bulgarian has a poor work-rate, “I am not drawing into all this, he's lazy, he don't go this and don't do that. The man is just quality as far as I am concerned. He's got a way of playing that makes him look that way. It's a way that we'd all love to play a game of footballâ€.

The Italia 1990 World Cup semi-finalist is not so impressed with Wayne Rooney, “For me, I'm one of those people that the jury is still out on Rooney. I see too many inconsistencies especially when he wears a Manchester United shirtâ€.

However, he feels that Carlos Tevez warrants far more first team football than he's been getting of late, “Certain players need an arm around them and to be told how good they are. Sir Alex needs to work on his Spanish as week in, week out he'll (Tevez) always be a 7/10 whilst with the other two you don't know quite what you might get. He's not playing enough football and that man wants to play football regularly for Manchester Unitedâ€.

Parker voiced worries that the club may have not replaced former assistant Carlos Queiroz in terms of giving Sir Alex the help he needs whilst also dismissing Steve McClaren's work with as a former United staff member. “His (Ferguson) great strength is that he's always had good people next to him. When you look at the fact he had a Brian Kidd next to him, it made such a difference in my time and then he got Steve McClaren who was always going to be a number two to be honest. Steve McClaren helped him, not in the treble, the treble work was all done by Brian Kidd. Steve McClaren just walked into that and is living off the back of it. As you'll notice I am not a fan of hisâ€.

He also answered claims that Ferguson is perhaps not the master tactician compared to Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez who is renowned for his tactical awareness.

He said, “You look at what Queiroz gave him and he added something to him. He's a man that needs a bit of help. For all his knowledge and everything, you can't be like a Sir Alex and be such a knowledgeable man in football, in life and everything else and be a tactician as well. Same as Benitez, he hasn't got the knowledge of Sir Alex Ferguson because knowledge takes a bit of time . Benitez may look old but he's still only in his 40's. I have to agree that Benitez is more the modern day manager tactics-wise which has definitely been implanted in them which wasn't the case in Sir Alex's time.â€

However, he seems to agree that Fergie may need the aid of someone with a modern day approach to the finer details of the game, “I think they (United) miss someone next to him. They miss something different next to Sir Alex at the moment. I am trying to avoid being disrespectful to Mickey Phelan. I think the world of Mickey Phelan to be perfectly honest but I just wonder sometimes with the way the games gone. For example when I was playing we never knew the referees name until we looked on the programme. We never knew who the number 2 was. We never got involved in worrying about that. The game was all about players and managers but now we all know the number 2's.â€

Parker also backs United to triumph in the Manchester derby this weekend, “A lot of talk about the money there (at Man City). City are going to spend this and now they want Ashley Cole. Well Christ almighty, if Ashley Cole wants to really prove he has no ambition then he may as well go and join them. United are going to win, they have to win as far as I'm concerned. City are not the greatest. It's going to be a 2-1 United winâ€.

Listen to Paul Parker and fellow guests Ray Parlour, former referee Graham Poll and comedian Kevin Day on Chappers The New Football Pools Podcast.
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