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the use of video tehcnology

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do you think that it is about time the fa used video technology for some cases
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pphwahhh, maybe, maybe not, whats the pros and cons.

the question of "what cases would they be used in?" needs to be identified, would hastling the ref enough force him to consider looking at an incident which he didn't deem needing to, teams could them employ this trick for breathers or to stop the oppositions momentum. so many questions and answers need asked i cant be arsed, although letting the fa deal with it is scarey. The fa sucks balls

pros-less pressure on referees, correct decisions being made,......

cons-time delays, .......
i think goal line techno should be introduced defo. i remember the game against pompey where vidic headed the ball and it went over line but not given.also a cam todo with offside.
I think its a good idea. We have seen so many games over the years come down to a refs mistake. These mistakes could cost teams so much: promotion, relegation, winning trophies, losing to Porto in the Champions league....

I agree with Mullets that so many questions need to be asked and answered but surely it would only take the 4th official 5 or 6 seconds to see a replay on his screen and then relay the information to the ref? When watching on tv we see replays just a few seconds after the incident happens.
I think it should be used for offside and for penalty decisions( so many dubious ones this year). Goal line technology should also be introduced.
Not sure if the FA are capable but it has to happen at some point. The sooner the better IMO.
i do think that its a good idear but will it spoil the game the cheekyness of some decissions both for and against isnt that part of football
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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