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With the end of the season approaching and us 3 points clear surely the title is now in our hands.....

1 Man Utd 46 70
2 Arsenal 36 67
3 Chelsea 31 65

Chelsea letting a 3-1 lead slip tonight in my opinion proves that they no longer have the will or motivation that they had under Mourinho. Since when have they ever let a 2 goal lead slip :eek:

Arsenal are still a threat but I feel we are the team with the momentum and the experience. Gran Slam Sunday will still be hugely significant though.

Goal difference is also in our favour, 10 better than the Gunners!!!

I think anyone would be lying now if they said the title is United's to lose. I just hope the lads concentrate on playing their football and increasing their motivation to win the league.

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8 games to go and we are in pole position but we still have to
overcome a few banana skins along the way.
Last 8 Prem Fixtures
Liverpool (h)
Villa (h)
Boro (a)
Arsenal (h)
Blackburn (a)
Chelsea (a)
West Ham (h)
Wigan (a)

I think that winning 5/6 of them should be enough.

We are 3 ahead of Arse and 5 of Chelsea, and our
goal difference is like a bonus point.

Grand Slam Sunday will be huge. Scousers at home
=best game of the season. Chelsea and/or Arse are
guaranteed to lose points. So if we can win then we
will be in a great position. Bring it on!!!!!!

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true k4t....but united can still go off form...arsenal can come back......anything can happen....i think we have a great chance though.....
we are getting to form again and now we have liverpool and if we beat them we will have a lot of confidence which is very important.....
but after the first 2 home matches we have boro who has played quite well against powerful opposition...especially arsenal...
then we have arsenal home....this game and the liverpool game will decide the title race in my opinion......we have to be in great form in these games....
then we have b'burn away which will always be tough and the all important chelsea......the pressure on this game will be decided by our perfomance in the arsenal and pool games....
if we get a good result on these 3 games we are almost assured premier league success.......
and then we have west ham who is our bogey team but we must put a good perfomance against them.....
and then wigan away which shouldnt be a problem....but anything can happen......
it all depends on the UCL games too....we must have good confidence from these games hoping for a good and consistent perfomance overall!!!!!

C'MON UNITED!!!!!!!!!

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i think that when the team goes to the number 1 spot, peoples thinking sometimes becomes blurred, a draw here, a loss there and we are fighting for number 3. all these teams are now motivated, heck, even Rafa "the rotator" Benitez still thinks they have a chance of winning the league, apart from that, he has to fend off Everton for the 4th position (although these guys have been donating full points to us ever since the rotator was hired).

Chelsea are close, and seeing that they are now attacking more, is another thing all together, that shows intent.

as for the gunners, they did claw back the GD only for man u to push it back up, the lead is ours, but we had it and lost it, lets not let jubilation turn into psychophancy

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i will be shocked if utd now fail to win this title,however our hero ronaldo is gonna need a little help with the goal getting.neither rooney or tevez will get a serious amount of goals and this team is crying out for a master marksman ,carry on and ronaldo will score more goals than our complete strikeforce.
i believe utd will do well against liverpool,arsenal and chelsea in our forthcoming games,if we take 6 pts from these we will coast home,rooney and tevez will need to chip in though.

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Im glad to see that my fellow utd fans are not speaking complacently. YES the season is in our hands. We can win the prem and the champs league.
I think though that it is important that ROONEY starts playing to his price tag. Ronaldo has exceeded all expectations. Rooney is class but he needs to start scoring and stop wasting chance after chance. Our defence will hold up against any team of that i am sure but if Ronaldo has a bad day, what then. We saw it against derby. It was just through sheer will on Ronaldo's part that we pulled through.
To win the league we need to continually play with Tevez and Rooney and BOTH but especially rooney need to be firing on all cylinders. Anything less than 15 goals in the premier league is not acceptable for rooney and makes things difficult for us to win
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