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When the top players in the world play to their full potential who do you think is the best? top 5 only, people who are relavent today, not the likes of brazilian ronaldo or zidane.

1- Ronaldhinio - When he reaches full tilt NOBODY comes close to him imo, destroyed the likes of milan and madrid alone...not to mention great performances against thugs like chelsea, can do everything. shoot, dribble, amazing skills and has so much end product aswell as inspiring not just those around him but has inspired many footballers around the world. In an age when its difficult to win the CL and league in the same season he was the catalyst for barcelona doing that and was the focal point of a team when in there peak were recognized as possibly the greatest passing side of this generation.

2- Kaka - To me not in the same bracket as a full tilt ronaldhinio, he himself has said that ronaldhinio and Brazilian ronaldo are the best players he has ever worked with. When he gets it all right, can hit rockets from outside the box, is fast, can dribble and provide defence splitting passes with his vision. Is at an age now where he is coming into his peak and will stay at a high level. Complete player.

3- Cristiano Ronaldo - only just turned 23, already broken bests record and keeps gettin new achievements by the week. Both footed, abnormally quick with a ball, great control and vision but his main strenght is his dribbling and scoring which are amazing for a winger. Total talent, if he continues at this rate and furthers improves will not only be recognized as the best in the world, will inspire a generation after him not just in portugal and england but around the world. This season has been the best player in the world BUT has yet to reach the highs of ronaldinio or KAKA. A truley brilliant player.

4 - Messi - at 20 is the youngest on the list and is probably the most difficult player anyone could try to copy from the list. VERY one footed and as quick and tricky as maradona BUT possibly just about the trickiest opponent anyone could fast in the box or in a closed space, messi is possibly the worlds greatest young talent. However his injuries are of great concern and at 20 he would rather be working on his game and his weakenesses such as his right foot than spending time on the treatment table. However the fact that when he is fit is and in full flow is now possibly the 1st name in the team sheet shows just how good he is to be consistantly in barcelonas team. Has scored some stunning goals and destroyed the very best teams with his ability. At 20 its just scary to know if he continues to improve and stay fit just how good he will become.

By the way rijkaard once said that that messi looks a better player when ronaldinio plays with him, the greatest compliment one could give ronaldinio and also messi considers ronaldhinio the best aswell.

5 - Samuel Eto'o - The only striker on my list but is imo the only true striker now who is a total footballer and a complete player aswell. Has been hampered by injuries as of late but when in full flow is a striker who can score goals from outside the box, inside the box, sharp angles, with his head, with either foot, a great dribbler and a very good finisher with great pace. World class striker to who some of barcelonas most faithful say is there most valuable player.

Thats my list.

i know there a great players in the world and some amazing defenders and midfielders aswell but to me at the moment these 5 when in full tilt are scary good.

Sorry to the rooney cheerleaders on here but he is not eligible imo to make that list yet, havent seen him play at a high level long enough or yet to see him anywhere near a level where i could say is among the worlds top 5 yet.

Thats my List though and i think those players mentioned above are truly amazing!


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Its a tough one because what and when is full potential?
Ronaldinho has lost some of his spark and Im not sure he can get that back,
but Id still have him in the top 5.
Id have Ronaldo no.1 now after this season and last.
Kaka no.2
Messi no.3
Drogba no.4-completely unplayable at times
Ronaldihno no.5 along with Henry and eto'o

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Top 5 - Fringe Players

Why dont these type of players ever get much of a mention?
They still produce the goods even when they hevnt played for months.

1. Sheasy - Big hulk of a guy with a fantastic personality. Calm, laid back, commited and scores some crucial goals when you least expect it. And he nutmeged Figo. OT Deity.

2. Solskjaer (yes I know he's retired but he still deserves a mention)
In all honesty, nothing that special. Masterful finisher, great team worker, mentor to youngsters and was happy to warm the bench. We'll never see another like him.

3. Peter Crouch - Freakish height an obvious advantage. Seems the more he is disrespected by Benitez, the more eager he is to impress. Actually has quite quick feet for such a gangly freak. A tryer.

4. Makelele - SAF would have loved to have him, nuff said. Strangely effective for such a little geezer and works tirelessly. Just a shame hes got so old.

5. Eidur Gudjohnsen - Only a bit part player cos of the club he plays for.
Another one SAF would have loved to have. Amazing vision, first touch, link up play and positioning. Chelsea were crazy to let him go, would grace any PL team.

Most of you probably wont agree with me picking crouch but I think he gets a bad press. I cant ignore him just cos he's a scummer.
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