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City rules out big screen matches

Live football match screenings will never be shown again in Manchester,
a council spokesman said a year after violence erupted between fans.

A year on from the riots, Mr Karney added:
"The number one lesson we have learnt is that no UK city,
from the Rangers episode onwards, can show open screenings of football.

"The combination of thousands of fans and alcohol does not work in the UK
and in Manchester it will never happen again.

BBC NEWS | England | Manchester | City rules out big screen matches

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It wouldn't be the same situation with an all United affair in Manchester...

Those ******* Rangers fans, they new they would never get to a European final again and made full sure nobody could ever enjoy a final again, they are the biggest scum in the wqorld I have nothing but hate for those ********, thank you all you dirty h word *****!
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