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Thierry Henry

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Henry is unhappy at Barcelona. First of all he has consistently been played out of position on the left wing to accomodate Etoo as the main striker. The fact that Barcelona play a 4-3-3 formation means that this is unlikely to change. Secondly he very much misses his daughter who lives in England. For these reasons I think he would seriously consider Man Utd if the offer was there. Barca also have Etoo, Gudjohnsen and Bojan so it would not be such a loss for them. Barca want to sign Pique, so why not use him in part exchange. I don't have to tell you about Henry's quality, he is a legendary striker. He is only 30 so he still has many years to offer us.
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I hate Henry because of his jolly days at Arsenal, and I'm sure that I'm not the only one. Can you really imagine him in a United shirt? I think I'm gonna be sick...It's not happening.

P.S. His birthday is in August so hypothetically speaking, if he would sign for us he'd already be 31 and everyone knows what sort of an age that is for a striker.
Serves him right for going to a club with better strikers. Should have gone somewhere else or just stayed at Arsenal.
he wanted to leave to barca...his decision,his mistake.......he went to barca expecting to get a first team spot then and there when they have strikers like eto'o,gudjohnsen(although not better than henry).......and ronaldinho plays striker and messi plays left wing.......if he thinkgs that he shold not be subbed,his mistake.......he had a great career at arsenal and he wasnt subbed much there because they dont have such great strikers as barca.......and now he is further threatened by barca looking at drogba(i think) it is increasingly looking like he might leave........but we will have to wait and see.....but im sure he wont come to us sure everyone knows....
Yeah my mate told me about this i think if he was going to come back he would go to Liverpool !
But yeah i think hes soooo c****y, but got to admit he is immense.
No way he would come to United. We already hve a huge egoistic player in our squad's dressing room, which is Cristiano Ronaldo. Throw one more into the equation, and it will only spells trouble for the team.

No doubt, he's a great his prime, he's easily the best in the whole world. However, let me ask ue a question. When's the last time out where he really performs at his prime level?? He hasn't even done that since making the switch from Le'Arse to Barca. Mind you, that's equaivalent to a total of 8 months.
Currently, he's a shadow of himself at his performance for Barca. He's no more the great legend that used to strut his stuff @ Premiership. No more!! There has been a dramatic drop in his match form. There's only one thing that has remain in him since joining the Catalunya giants via his departure from Emirates. And that's his sheer arrogance, c o c kiness trait in him. ;)
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