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reddwarf said:
I've never had any trouble at the football.

Last time I went (last weekend) I thought there could be a problem because after I left the stadium I was walking up Sir Matt Busby Way and it quickly became obvious that 2 United fans had decided to bring their Liverpool supporting mate with them :eek: (or he was quite simply a moron!)

They were singing 'We've won it 2 times without killing anyone' and he was responding with 'In Istanbul we won it five times'...but apart from a few funny looks he just got ignored, thankfully.
Just some boys having some fun between themselves. The problem I think is when other people like to be nosey and make some problem with this. If they ignore this what is the problem ?

If someone say to me "We won it 5 times in Istanbul " I tell them they only win it once in Istanbul.........the other 4 were somewhere else - and I ask them if they know where......most dont ...... assholes :p
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