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This is Pique's chance, it has to be...

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I don't know how others feel but I believe with our shocking run of luck in the defence department, it's time for Fergie to finally let Pique have a go. Hypothetically if Neville feels fit to play I would like to see Wes Brown and Gerrard Pique playing the center. I know Fergie will more likely than not prefer O'Shea and Brown but i think that would be a shame. That said if Neville can't play a whole game then I guess unless Fergie let's Hargreaves play RB then we'll have to play Brown at RB and have Pique/O'Shea in the center. So what do you guys think? I've got a funny gut feeling that says Fergie will somehow shuffle our players so that Pique still ends up on the bench and I'd be very disappointed at that. Do you agree? How do you all feel about Pique playing?
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Pique will do just fine. he has scored twice already in the CL this season,
so he is no stranger to games like this. He played against Roma already so
that will help him along also.
Pique played in La Liga last season and was great by all accounts so he will
have the confidence to step up for United. We have these kids for a reason,
and now is his chance and he has to take it.

People were very critical of his mistake against Bolton, in the game we lost....
Yes it was his mistake, but he will learn from it.
He is composed on the ball and is a big, strong, confident young lad and
he will do just fine. Id rather have Rio and Vidic obviously but Pique
will do a good job.
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^^^ Its sad when you hear of this happening. We all want our talented
youngsters to stay but can you blame them for leaving in the search of
1st team football? They wont learn much sitting on the bench. They need to
be playing week in week out. Dont get me wrong I really hope he stays,
and people like Evans too, but it could be another case of Rossi that they look
for first team football.
moondog said:
Might his comments be a ploy to get more playing time? I hope so, because from what I've seen of Pique, he is a keeper. Perhaps SAF should rotate him into the back four more frequently next season. Vidic and Rio need more rest and more experience for Pique would allay some of the fears we all had recently when it looked like both vid and ferdinand would be out injured.

Lots of competition in the back 4 next year though...
Rotating the back 4 is impossible imo.
Fergie has always gotten success from a stable and settled back 4...
from Parker, Bruce, Pally and Irwin all the way up to Brown, Rio, Vidic and Evra.
He likes playing the same back 4 week in week out unless they are injured
or suspended. As much as I like Pique, he wont get a sniff while Rio and Vidic
are fit.
A central defenders game is based more on concentration and commitment
and they wouldnt get the fatigue of a midfielder for example.
So playing every game should be easy for the centre backs (barring injury obviously)
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