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dlan4327 said:
I remember sometime, possibly back in 2007, I'm pretty sure it was. I first saw Gorcuff in a Milan shirt.

They brought him on as a sub, it just happened I was watching a Serie A match on telly, a rare occurrence in itself.

The commentator said something about promising you talent, Gorcuff. So I decided to pay attention.

Anyhow within a minute he scores this thumper of a goal. Couldn't believe my eyes, the power from such a slender bloke.

Just like Van Persie. Somehow they both have 10 times the strength of players who are 3 times bigger than them.

This goal demonstrates that Gorcuff also has finesse. Every young French talent is labeled the new Zidane.

I think Gorcuff is maybe the one guy who could come anywhere close to that label.

Watch the whole vid. At first it just looks good. Wait until the slow mo close ups at the end.

The skill is Zidanesque, I kid you not. I would welcome him here if Milan ever let him go.

thats quite the goal but tbh you cant really judge players by one goal or even a 1000 youtube goals!

hes highly rated though and i rember him been talked about as a future world star i think it was in four four two but obviusly he musnt be living up to that expectation if hes been sent on loan from milan :confused:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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