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It seems like not long ago we were celebrating winning the Champions League, but already we're one point from winning the league for the third time in a row, we've won the Carling Cup and Club World Cup, got to the semi's of the FA Cup and we're in another Champions league final. I can't believe how quickly the season seems to have passed :eek:

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It certainly has flown by, that's for sure.
I really can't believe the season we've had this year too,
we've won 2 competitions already, unlucky not to qualify for a FA Cup Final due to penalties, soon to win the Premier League again and we're in the Champions League Final again. :D

This has been one of the most successful seasons in this clubs great history and yet we haven't exactly set the world alight. We are on the verge of winning the PL for the 3rd year running and could be the first club to successfully defend the Champions League - Ridiculous really.

Dunno what i'm gonna do when this season is over and we have to be put through another summer of speculation, mainly involving Ronaldo. :rolleyes: But it's being brillant seeing this fantastic squad continue to be a success. Great season overall, so far. ;)
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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