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My season ticket equates to about £25 per match , it is in the lower stretford end , this is great value for money.
But united just keep upping the prices as and when they feel like it , they go up for every round in the champions league etc , i dont think they need to do that , by virtue of the fact its another sell out and another home match they do not need to hike the price up.
last year with the cup runs it cost me well over a grand (my ticket was twice the price) that was expensive .
next year i think they are going to charge us all for 6 cup matches in advance when we renew our tickets at the start of next season, which is total robbery.
the compulsory purchase scheme was bad enough , but now they are taking the p**s .
The old scheme was okay , i could choose what matches i wanted and apply for them , this used to give other reds a chance to see united who otherwise wouldnt.
Anyway carly sorry about the moaning , but it is a touchy subject with all united supporters
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