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Red Devil said:
REMEMBER: What you read is not always what was WRITTEN. Verify before attack - always.
Spot on. I've been guilty of that in the past, it's easily done, and unfortunately it's happened on this thread too...

Anyway, as for the topic of ticket prices - I currently try to attend at least 1 game per month. With the cost of the ticket, travel and getting drunk :D it can cost well over £100 for the day out and I can't be doing that too often!

I've been to 8 games this season and that alone will have cost me close to £1000 when I add up all the expenses and I'm still hoping to get to 1 or 2 more games (I've applied for West Ham and Barca).

I've thought about getting a season ticket for the last couple of years but to be totally honest football is not my only passion and buying a season ticket would basically mean giving up the other sporting events I attend and not buying as many computer games, DVD's etc so I've decided to just stick with the One United membership.

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you do right mate

for games like kiev bolton etc.. there as been many empty seats un sold that is

it will get worse for the small games

people only turn up for the big games !

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fazman said:
who the hell gives you the right to say im a top red or not im older than you been to hundreds of games i can have my view . I said I love scholes but he isnt in my strongest eleven anymore my view Im not bothered whether you think im a top red to be honest I dont know u
Haven't called you a non-top red.

I don't believe in all this top rediness.

I said it as an example to contracdict your previous comment.

I didn't say that you called Scholes rubbish, btw.

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Can i just add to this discussion about season tickets. I have been a season ticket holder for 9 years now and i cant see myself renewing next season. This year my ticket cost £722 plus £38 per cup game. Then u have the knockout stage of cl @ between £38 & £48. This is all money united take when they want and if its not in ur account u dont get in league games which u have paid for already They are talkin next year of up to 30% increase u o the math, old trafford is not the same place anymore

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silly price rise in current economic climate but they obviously have plenty on a waiting list . the thing seems to be the normal working man will be priced out for the management class . the minute the club stop performing on the field they will be off like a shot and the traditional supporter base will have been alienated .

football was blue collar worker sport but its now white collar .

my days of going regularly are long gone due to shifts and family and finance but its now getting silly when the long standing season ticket holder is being alienated .

why they could not reward loyalty with price capped to inflation is beyond me as gate reciepts should not be only consideration .

trouble is when you tie your colours to the mast you cant swap . its not like mcdonalds burger costing 119 and bk 99p go to burger king and they well know it .

Fans' fury over Euro tickets
Paul R Taylor
19/ 4/2008

HEARTBROKEN Manchester United season ticket holders have slammed the club after missing out on tickets for the Champions League semi-final.

All the fans with the one-year passes received letters from the club last week telling them they would not automatically be allocated tickets.

They had expected to keep their Old Trafford seats after being obliged to pay more than £300 for less glamorous cup ties through the club's controversial 'automatic cup scheme'.

But the club has had to provide a number of tickets to European football's governing body Uefa - more than it did for the quarter final tie against Roma.

Also, larger advertising boards, increased press facilities and marketing needs have limited space within the ground, and some full season ticket holders have been relocated as a result.

The fans were invited to apply for other tickets through a ballot system, but only 75 per cent were successful.

Mike Wray, 21, from Dukinfield, said: "This is just a joke. I'm a lifelong supporter of Man United, red through and through.

"I was absolutely mortified and disgusted when I received a letter explaining that I will not get a ticket for the Champions League game against Barcelona - the biggest game of the season.


United's automatic cup scheme makes it compulsory for season ticket holders to buy tickets for all home cup matches. It can add more than £390 to the cost of the most expensive season ticket.

Money is debited from fans' accounts, sometimes only minutes after the draw has been made.

Mike and his brother Gavin, 25, both paid £700 for their season tickets and the club has taken £300 from each of them for cup games.

"Bear in mind, I'm an apprentice engineer and this is a large portion of my salary," said Mike.

"We pay for the League Cup matches, but when it comes to the really big games, we're not allocated tickets.

"I applied through the ballot but didn't get a ticket, neither did my brother.

"I do love this club but I think next year I will be watching my local team Stalybridge instead."


The letter breaking the bad news, from ticket general manager Steven Hall, says ticket stubs from the Barcelona game will not be needed for any future priority sales.

But some disappointed fans don't believe there is enough give and take by the club.

Simon Royce, 46, from Chorlton, said: "I got to Old Trafford with two friends and we applied for tickets through the ballot after getting the letter but were all unsuccessful.

"We're all very annoyed. I've been going to Old Trafford since 1981 and have been a season ticket holder for two years.

"It has really riled us, because basically our understanding of the auto cup scheme was that we agreed to buy the home cup tickets and we would get a seat for these matches. "On this occasion, it seems to be that we agreed to buy the tickets, but they don't necessarily agree to give us a seat. There's no give and take. "

Legal action

The Manchester United Supporters' Trust (MUST) is considering taking legal action over the automatic cup scheme.

Sean Bones, vice chairman of MUST, said: "The Glazers (the club's owners) can force you to buy League Cup tickets against Coventry, but in the small print, they can also deny you a ticket against Arsenal in the FA Cup or Barcelona. "This has not gone down well with the fans. Personally, I don't think this is the club Sir Matt Busby helped build, where the supporters came first."

A spokesperson for Manchester United said: "Over 75 per cent were successful (in the ballot).

"We have tried to accommodate as many as possible, but it does say in the terms and conditions that cup tickets are not guaranteed.

"We understand the disappointment this will cause. Uefa are entitled to more tickets than the Roma match because it is a semi-final."

The one-year season tickets were introduced two years ago to help tackle waiting lists for full season tickets.

Tickets for fixture are currently available on internet sites, ranging in price from £290 for a seat to £540 including corporate hospitality.

No one from Uefa was available to comment.

.Source, Manchester Evening News.

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They had expected to keep their Old Trafford seats after being obliged to pay more than £300 for less glamorous cup ties through the club's controversial 'automatic cup scheme'.
Its not a family happening at OT. Thanks for the reminder of why I cancelled everything where the club can earn money on me more then they are already. :mad:

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Another tip, never use the Megastore. I went in ONCE, with my daughter, to show her around. I asked for a red devil doll to hang in my car.

"Er, we dont sell those"

"Hang on, this is United, The Red Devils"

"Er, but we do not sell Red Devils; but you can have a "fred the Red""


If anyone out there is looking for a lucrative sideline, selling RED DEVIL dolls outside the ground will earn you mega bucks!!!

(Oh and voodoo dolls of shearer too!" ;)
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