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Hey I just saw the thread about Sky getting all the champions League matches and I started to wonder. In Sydney we don't get any domestic football league coverage whatsoever, even our own A-League. That's all done by Foxtel, a Pay TV cable service. In the UK do you get Premiership coverage on free to air? If so is it just Premiership or do you get all the big five European leagues on TV? Also just out of curiosity what time do you view Champions League matches, say in England? In Sydney However the time difference between Australia and Europe means during the group stages I watch Champions League from 4:30am to 9:00am on Wednesdays because SBS shows one match live then shows another match from the same group straight after, delayed kickoff. Anyhow I then go to University straight away! I'm completely buggered and I sleep through the whole bus ride and have to be woken by the driver! Almost 5 hours of football and I'm delirious the whole way having woken at quarter past 4. Ah well, it's worth it. :) I'd be interested to hear what you say.
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