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I don't think this is an over-reaction thread.

The fact is that Edwin van der Sar is 38 and Kuszczak will never be our number 1.

There's nothing in our performances to suggest he could be number 1 for us someday.

Foster seemes to be in no-man's land, so who is going to be our future number 1? To me it's not so silly to be thinking about this topic.

Ben Foster was supposed to be the heir apparent, but two years after his great season at Watford and he still can't get a game. OK, he had a year off with injury and recently had an ankle injury, but he hasn't been featuring and when he did looked nowhere near his best against Celtic.

So if you're Fergie, do you go go into next season with a 39 year=old keeper and 2 unproven keepers? One of whom looks to be only good enough to be a backup?
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