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To Harry Gregg MBE

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One of our members here - Danny - is the grandson of Harry Gregg.

Maybe you could pass this on to him Danny ... :)


Dear Harry ...

Last night I watched the 2 programs on BBC4 which featured yourself and Sir
Bobby in some truly emotional and thought provoking interviews. I thank you so
much for taking the time, and having the courage to do these for us United fans.

What you did in Munich is truly awe inspiring !!

I knew nothing of what you did until I joined this forum.

After being involved in an accident of this magnitude and surviving, I would
imagine 99.999% of the population would have the same reaction I would. Get
out the plane and run for your life - stop for nothing uintil you are well clear of
danger and then stop - and thank God for allowing you to live.

That's what I would have done - and I say that hand on heart !

But you didn't did you ... ?

No ...

You got out the plane ...

Then you stopped because you thought you could hear a baby crying. Then you
went back inside the plane to bring that defenceless baby out to safety. This act
alone deserves a Victoria Cross as far as I am concerned.

If you had run for safety at this point that would have been fine you were already
a hero for this act alone !!

But you didn't ... you went back again to save the lady who was pregnant - and
again you went back to save 2 of your team mates.

Now surely it's time to run for safety ...

But you then circled the plane to see if there was anybody else who needed your
help !!

I'm lost for words at this point for what you did.

But it just gets even more incredible

14 days after the crash you turned up at Old Trafford to play for United in an FA
Cup tie against Sheffield United. You had to play with 'team mates' you had
never even met before !!

But despite this - you guys won !!

You even fought so hard you made it to the Cup Final where the dream ended
unfavourably but who cares. The fact you men even managed to play at all is

You my friend are one in a billion.

You got the MBE but more importantly - you have the respect and love of 300
million United fans woldwide. Without you and the rest of the 'Busby Babes' we
wouldn't have the Manchester United we have today - we owe it all to you and
your friends !

You go to the memorial function wednesday and I hope you and Danny have a
good time remembering and celebrating the lives of those that are no longer with
us. Take our love and thoughts with you too OK....

From Carly and all at ''
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First of all, what to say?

I am speechless

Thank you so much, i have let my mother read this and she agrees, we will print it off and show him

To read through this without my spine tingling is impossible

I do appoligise i really am speechless

I would just like to thank you very much for those words they mean so much

Im off bed now as i have a long day in front of me

Many Thanks Again

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