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The Sun Top 10 section:
Here is the link:

I want to see you opinions and your version of the top ten :)

The Sun :
No10: Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink

The mad stare of Hasselbaink was first spotted on these shores when Leeds signed him in 1997. The little-known striker went on to become one of the Premier League’s hotshots with two dazzling seasons at Elland Road. And after a year in Spain, the powerful Dutchman returned to wreak havoc with Chelsea.

No9: Didier Drogba

The Chelsea striker may not be the most popular star to ever grace the Premier League but there is no denying his continued threat up front. Drogba is one of the most physically imposing forwards to play in England and his goals have been instrumental in the Blues’ recent trophy hauls.

No8: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

The baby-faced assassin will always hold a special place in the hearts of Manchester United fans. The Norwegian earned a reputation as a super-sub and his scoring record during his time in England was superb. A knee injury sadly forced the star into early retirement last season.

No7: Jurgen Klinsmann

Tottenham pulled off a masterstroke by bagging the German hitman 14 years ago. Klinsmann averaged a goal every other game in the league that season after striking up a brilliant partnership with Teddy Sheringham. The star rejoined three years later for a briefer, yet equally prolific, spell.

No6: Fernando Torres

Time will tell just how high Torres climbs. The Spanish sensation has excelled since signing for Liverpool from Atletico Madrid last summer. El Nino has hit 29 goals in 35 league starts to date and there will undoubtedly be many more to come. But for how long can the Reds keep him at Anfield?

No5: Gianfranco Zola

In his seven seasons at Chelsea, the Italian did enough to be crowned the greatest ever player to wear their blue shirt. Zola was a breath of fresh air and, as well as being a regular scorer, he inspired those team-mates who could never match his talent. Now attempting his magic as West Ham boss.

No4: Dennis Bergkamp

Arsenal have enjoyed a string of overseas hitmen and many argue that Dutchman Dennis is the best of the lot. Bergkamp arrived in North London 13 years ago and lit up the Premier League with his dazzling trickery. An ice-cool customer (usually) who was always one step ahead of the game.

No3: Ruud van Nistelrooy

After overcoming a serious knee injury that threatened to scupper his move to Manchester United, the Dutchman went on to become a hero at Old Trafford. Van Nistelrooy averaged two goals every three games for the Red Devils and he is still firing with Real Madrid.

No2: Eric Cantona

Whether you think Cantona is lazy, arrogant, violent or all three, few can argue against his supreme talent. The French forward is one of Alex Ferguson's greatest ever signings and helped launch their trophy-filled years in the 90s. Despite retiring at just 30, he remains a legend at United.

No1: Thierry Henry

Henry wins in a photo finish. The Frenchman initially struggled at Arsenal in 1999 but on his departure eight years later, he had carved his place in history. Henry is the highest overseas scorer in Premier League history and was the driving force behind the Gunners’ 21st century success.

No10: Fernando Torres
No9: Didier Drogba
No8 Jimmy-Floyd Hasselbaink
No7: Jurgen Klinsmann
No6: Gianfranco Zola
No5: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
No4: Ruud van Nistelrooy
No3: Thierry Henry
No2: Dennis Bergkamp
No1: Eric Cantona

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Can't really disagree with that list in all honesty...

Maybe a few in a bad order ut the players in it are perfect....maybe add Forlan! :p

Lets hope we see Berbatov & Tevez chomping at the bit for a place on a future

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the sun's list is a bit stuped imo

are they serious by adding drogba and torres :rolleyes:

i may undestand adding Torres as scoring 24 goal in a debuet season as he have a good future ahead him but drogba what he scored 20 goal as his maximum and all the other seasons he didn't score

Di Canio Yorke or even Flo deserve to be ahead the two Torres and Drogba

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Some great foreign strikers in that list. As soon as I saw the thread title the names Cantona, Van Nistelrooy, Henry, Bergkamp and Zola instantly sprang to mind so I can't argue with them being in there.

I'm surprised that Torres can make it in there after one, albeit prolific, season.

Other names not on the list that come to mind are Di Canio, Yorke, Adebayor, Flo, Berbatov, Keane and Kanu.
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