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Berbatov08 said:
1.Man United. Who else?
2. Chelsea. Hiddink - an inspired choice
3.Liverpoopoo. Will get pipped to second by Chelsea late on.

4.Villa. Hope I'm right. It will be difficult but hopefully they will do so...
5.Arsenal. Will give Villa a good challenge for 4th I'd say
6.Everton. With quality players like Jagielka,Cahill, Fellaini and Arteta, no one else will really challenge them...

Carling Cup: Utd
FA : Chelsea
:rolleyes: :confused:
You have changed your tune Berba.
I thought you said Poo were our main challengers?;)

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Nemanjaaa said:
If you were to get that right, that would be an unbelievably good call :p
It would be :p

Obviously, the FA Cup is hard to predict but West Ham are playing well under Zola and I think they've got a good chance. They've got Middlesbrough at home in the next round, which they should get through and then we'll have to see from there.

Stretford Ender
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zoran_zlatanov said:
1. Us
2. who cares?
3. who cares?
4. who cares?
5. who cares?
6. who cares?

F.a Cup: Us
Carling Cup: Us
Champions League: Us

my thoughts and many others on here. thread end!!!!!!! as long as were top of the pile come may, the rest are losers in my eyes.
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