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................oh no they don't ... !!!!!!

has the 1986 England World Cup squad got the worst managerial record ever?

In a word, yes. The 1986 squad has got about as much managerial savvy as a chicken balti pie.

Of the 22-man squad, 14 went on to 'enjoy' managerial careers of varying, though consistently short, length.

Peter Shilton, goalkeeper extraordinaire, manager non-descript, lasted just three years at Plymouth Argyle, in which time he all-but-ruined the club and left a very bitter taste in the mouths of supporters.

And he was one of the stayers, with most of this duff lot lasting around the year mark.

Kenny Sansom was pretty feeble as Glenn Roeder's assistant at Watford; Mark Hateley took just over one season to push Hull City to the brink of non-league football before he was given his marching orders; and Chris Waddle's season at Burnley also ended with the Clarets touching relegation cloth.

Kerry Dixon put in a year at Doncaster and bothered Letchworth Town for a bit before signing up to his current post - Ryman Premier outfit Hitchin Town.

Ray Wilkins was pleased to get the nod from Fulham when he was sacked by QPR after a year - but lightening really can strike in the same place twice and he was out on his ear after another 12 month-flailing.

And there are managers from this shabby group who were given the boot before they'd even paid the removal men and unpacked the winter wardrobe.

Take a bow, John Barnes, who lasted eight months at Celtic before a 3-1 Scottish Cup defeat at the hands of Caledonian Thistle put the rubber stamp on his P45.

Meanwhile Terry Butcher, having put in a year at Coventry, was sacked just three months into the season at Sunderland, by which time he had managed to settle them nicely into 22nd. He went off to run a hotel called Obscurity in Scotland before resurfacing as manager of Motherwell this year.

But hats off to Terry Fenwick, who slogged for 12 whole games at Northampton Town before someone worked up the courage to tell him he was rubbish, and he's not been seen anywhere near management since.

And then there's 1986 mis-managers Glen "my or no way" Hoddle and Peter "first Sunderland, now Leeds" Reid. Is there no end to the curse of the hand of God?
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