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Torres's recent performances

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If you watch highlights of liverpools games you will say that torres has been alright... but if your like me and watch the full games of liverpool, you will realise he has actually made a bad start. look at all the times he has not known Kuyt was free and how many times has he missed the goal,, hit it right to thr goalie, fouled players and been offside.... he may ajust... but i think they have wasted alot of money
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This should be in football banter - not MAN UTD CHAT!
yeh but we were going to get him so he involves us mateeeee
I thought he was really good at Athletico, looked okay at Liverpool I think he'll do very well.
he's only young and it's only 3 games in, i think he'll be the differance for the dippers this year and they will mount a serious title challenge, he could of scored about 8 goals already this season, but he's not missing chances coz of our league he has always missed loads of chances all way through his career. the worrying thing is no matter what team he plays for he always seems to have loads of chances to missand always be in the right place this is the sign of a good player.
I don't think he'll quiet live up to expectations ..... But I'll wait and see. In many ways I hope not because it will prove if United had bought him he may well just have been a waste of money and really prove that he is well overrated!
hmmmm........i was glad we didn't get him as i didn't think at the time he would be that good. But more or less every Liverpool attack he plays a part in and imo is looking pretty good which is bad :D

His goal against Chelsea was class
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