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I see a lot of threads saying "Buy him, buy her" and
the most are about Aguero, Benzema, Ribery and Villa.

Leaving aside how realistic these buys are and the immense
transfer fees, I think it's the wrong approach to transfers.

We used to do that, remember Rio Ferdinand, Van Nistelrooy,
Verón. Some worked out, some were utter wastes of money
but there's a reason why our last buys, with the exception
of Berbatov (who is a unique kind of player) have all been
relatively young. Rodrigo, Da Silva x2, Anderson, Nani, Tosic,
Ljajic, not to mention the young players that join our accademy,
are all investments for the future and weren't very expensive.

Do you think that it makes sense to to take the Real Madrid,
Chelsea, Bayern Munchen, Inter Milan or Man City route?

If we are buying 23+ players they should be bargains for me,
like Evra and Vidic, not multimillion pound affairs like Dimitar
Berbatov, Ribery and so on.

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Well, one advantage you have of going after players on the 23-26 bracket is their experience. They've played enough seasons so that you know what they can do, and you know you're gonna get the best out of them, because at that age, it's when they're at their top form. Ok, they might be more expensive, but either you create your own quality or you buy it. To create it, you need to allow it to grow. Case in point, Nani. We all know he's got the talent, but he hasn't delivered on it. Maybe the bar was set too high, compared to Ronaldo and all that, but still, he hasn't been in United what he was in Sporting. Different leagues, sure, but also different places in the team. A youngster in a starting 11 grows much faster, like Ronaldo did, achieving at 22/23 what normally players only do at 27/28.

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Balance .
too many youth and what have you got ----- wenger in your changing room
too many codgers and what have you got ----- beckham in your changing room

A balance and what have you got ----- trophies in your changing room

saf knows this and always blends youth with experience --- he also knows stars get complacent if no big name signings spice up the mix

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Obviously youth is important but we only really need to bring in the odd player every year now
as our squad is more or less complete. We can afford to splash the cash on a big signing a la Berba.
We have the best team but you cant sit on your laurels. This summer we will spend big again,
whether its on a winger (Silva, Ribery for eg) or a striker to replace Tevez (Benzema, Villa...)
You cna never be sure with youth how long they will take to develop. They could be like Rafael
and break into the team straight away or else they could never make it.
The balance of experience and youth is so important and its working for us right now as we speak.
Sometimes you just have to spend big to get the top players.
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