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I see a lot of threads saying "Buy him, buy her" and
the most are about Aguero, Benzema, Ribery and Villa.

Leaving aside how realistic these buys are and the immense
transfer fees, I think it's the wrong approach to transfers.

We used to do that, remember Rio Ferdinand, Van Nistelrooy,
Verón. Some worked out, some were utter wastes of money
but there's a reason why our last buys, with the exception
of Berbatov (who is a unique kind of player) have all been
relatively young. Rodrigo, Da Silva x2, Anderson, Nani, Tosic,
Ljajic, not to mention the young players that join our accademy,
are all investments for the future and weren't very expensive.

Do you think that it makes sense to to take the Real Madrid,
Chelsea, Bayern Munchen, Inter Milan or Man City route?

If we are buying 23+ players they should be bargains for me,
like Evra and Vidic, not multimillion pound affairs like Dimitar
Berbatov, Ribery and so on.
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