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Just transfew summary of all OFFICIAL trades made.... all leagues all clubs

Woodgate (middeslborough) to Totenhamm Hotspurts
Manucho (dno wat club) to Manchester united
Alan hutton ( rangers fc) to Tottenham Hotsuprs
GIlberto (arsenal fc) to Tottenham Hotspurs
Ederson (dno) to Lyon

More completed transfers would be appreciated

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Mate, this is....wrong. You only have one correct transfer there, Woodgate to Spurs from Boro. A little research on wiki shows what club Manucho comes from. Alan Hutton is no where near confirmed. You even have the wrong Gilberto =/ Its Gilberto the left back from Hertha Berlin. And that looks like its broken down! Ederson, yeah nowt wrong with that one.

Im sure we can try and make this better after the window actually closes.
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