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hey,who will be the next united player i think the candidate is:
1.owen hargreaves
2.jermaine defoe
3.scott parker
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Adriano is impossible to come,i hope we can get Eto'o or Berbatov .
1.owen hargreaves = almost dun deal
2.jermaine defoe = S h i t :D
3.scott parker = why would u want parker AND hargreaves?!
4.adriano = not happnin.. huntlaar more likley IMO
For me its:

1) Owen Hargrieves
2) Nani or Ribery
3) Torres or Huntela or Etto'

Dont think Bale and that lot will be happening and I would be suprised if we get anyone other than this lot but only one of each
I agree with Ashenkorren, I think it will be OH, Ribery/Nani and Torres/Huntelaar.
I would love to see Berbatov or Eto,o come too. If we can sign 3/4 of this lot we will be pretty hard to stop next year
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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