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Who Is The Greatest Re-Builder Of Them All ?

  • Sir Matt Busby

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Bill Shankly

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • Brian Clough

    Votes: 1 4.5%
  • Sir Alex Ferguson

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Arsene Wenger

    Votes: 0 0.0%
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Don't just click a vote - booooooring !!

These managers are alltime GREATS - they deserve better than a little 'click'.

Tell us all why you voted for them !!!

Transition from the class of '92 nears its conclusion, but is the jigsaw complete ?...

Perhaps Fergie's greatest achievement at Manchester United has been his ability
to create great new teams. All the very best managers down the years have had
this ability.

Yes there have been many, many great managers but not all of them have this 're
-building' ability !!

Paisley for instance with Liverpool won many trophies - but he inherits his team
and didn't really have much re-building to do. When his team did finally show
some cracks he left.

Matt Busby had it at United, he created three great sides. Busby was appointed
as manager of the club in 1945, the Reds had no ground due to Old Trafford
being bombed in the war. Home games were played at rivals Man City's Maine
Road, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes the Red Devils won the FA Cup in
1948 and then a after an incredible forty one year wait they secured the league
title in 1952.

Busby's second great team, the famous Busby Babes, won the league title in '56
and '57, but the heart of that side was ripped out in the Munich air disaster in
1958. So once again Busby had to go back to the drawing board and this time he
came up with the holy trinity of Bobby Charlton, Denis Law and 'the boy from
Belfast' Georgie Best to create arguably United's greatest ever side who finally
went on to lift the European Cup in style in 1968.

Bill Shankly at Liverpool had the ability to recreate greatness. Arsene Wenger has
done it with Arsenal. Brian Clough achieved greatness with a bunch of kids and
a few has-beens to patch it all together.

However, many Reds will now be thinking that Fergie could now be on the verge
of creating his third great team, some fans even say it could be his fourth,
because the historic treble-winning side of 1999 was a very different team to
that which helped secure the double-double in 1995-'96.

What isn't in doubt is the fact that the class of '92, who've been at the centre
core of the manager's first team for over a decade and includes current stars
such as Paul Scholes and Gary Neville are very much on the way out - you can
add the name of Ryan Giggs, but he has been an ever-present during Fergie's
reign at the club - which in itself is quite remarkable.

This ability to transform and recreate and at the same time keep on winning on
the pitch really is something special and perhaps only after Fergie spits out his
final piece of match-day chewing-gum and brings down the curtain on his time at
United will we the fans really appreciate what he's achieved at the club.

For the most part, Fergie's reign at United has been about evolution rather than
revolution, but back in the summer of '95 it was most definitely a case of
revolution with players such as massive fans favourites Paul Ince, Andre
Kanchelskis and Mark Hughes all being sold on.

News of the moves sent shockwaves round the football world. One Sunday
tabloid printed a graphic of a shattered light bulb and a fragmented club crest
together with the headline of 'Will the last one out turn out the lights'.
Personally, at the time I thought our glorious leader had really lost the plot.

But Fergie had a bold plan that centred on the likes of David Beckham, Paul
Scholes and the likes of the Neville Brothers and Nicky Butt. This group of players
had become known as 'Fergie's Fledglings' and it didn't start too well for them on
the opening day of the new season in '95-'96 when despite putting on a great
show they went on to lose 3-1 against Aston Villa. That season ended, like many
others under the stewardship of Fergie, in glory, as the Reds secured their
second league and cup double and in doing so, pundit Alan Hansen was made to
eat his words after he'd famously said 'you win nothing with kids'.

However, since the summer revolution of '95-96, by and large, it has been a case
of transition, this has largely been possible because Fergie has been able to rely
upon those former Fledglings while at the same time bringing in new players and
easing out those who were deemed surplus to requirements.

There has been controversial moves, perhaps none bigger than the sale of Japp
Stam to Lazio in '2001-'02. That particular transfer turned out to be an
unmitigated disaster and eventually cost United £30m to put right when they
acquired Rio Ferdinand.

Move forward to 'Red October' 2007 and Fergie's latest incarnation has scored
four goals in four games, which equals a club record that stretches back to '97-'9
8. Once again the critics who just a few weeks ago were asking questions about
the manager have been proven wrong as the Reds are now lording it over the
rest of the Premier League, if only until Arsenal face Liverpool later in the day.

So how good can this current team eventually be? That is question that will be
answered in the weeks ahead. Some will argue that United still need to add at
least two new players before the jigsaw is complete. A new striker must be in
Fergie's plans and maybe a new right-back too. Interestingly, yesterday the Reds
were linked with another Bayern Munich star in the form veteran defender Willie
Sagnol, that could be just newspaper talk, but United do need to find a long-term
replacement for Gary Neville.

What looks to be beyond doubt is that the manager has bought well over the
summer with the likes of Tevez, Anderson, Nani and Hargreaves all looking like
United players who will help to ensure that the best attacking traditions of
United are guaranteed for the future while the transition from the class of '92
comes to its glorious conclusion.

I added a poll for people to vote on who they think is the greates manager with the 're-building' ability - who do you think ?

Maybe I surprise many people - but I make vote for Brian Clough !!!

Yes sorry.

I read his book.....Cloughie......


This guy was unique !!

He won it all and he ruled Forest with a rod of steel. Nobody dare answer him
back and yet he had utmost respect from his players - they absolutely loved him.

He made his team with maybe £2 million pounds too.

Just a bunch of young kids all held together with some old men who nobody else
wanted - he not only built a great team - he did it with no money and with very
poor resource !!!!!

They'll never see the likes of him again !!!!!!

(PS....if the FA were a little bit brave they would have won 2 world cups with this
man too !!!!!!!!!!)

Feel free to vote.......and maybe explain why you make your choice......

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Yes very nice post Mr Keane :p

I voted for Cloughie but to be honest I would feel happy to vote for Busby and Fergie too - all 3 were greats of course. Feel like changing my vote after reading your post Grrrrrrrr......

I'll check with boss man about these rep points too ok.....Jazz and a few others have mentioned it - I didn't think anyone bothered about it - but if people do like to use this we try to make it better for you all xx

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Keano's fan said:
A small wondering about that era. From reading some of your posts I believe you can help me with this. I heard and read from some people who lived that era that sentimentality of Matt Busby hanging into the likes of Charlton, Law and Foulkes past their prime led to that decline. Do you agree with that ? And if you do what do you think about Giggsy getting a new contract ?

Sorry for going off topic btw
Nice subject for another thread I am thinking Mr Keane :p

Maybe we leave this up to you ok x

(Some great posts in this thread too guys - thankyou x)

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Sir Matt, not a lot more can be added to the class posts above.

Although i do think the original post was a bit one sided.

1 line about Wenger.

Very true Mr Sal........


I'd rather blow torch the hairs off my legs rather than heap praises on Arse Wenger 4 days before the big bloody game :p

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Keano's fan said:
Agreed. I still think he can do a job for us, his movement and how he puts in a
killer pass could be vital for us. But I want to remember Giggs as the greatest left
winger in the history of football, not a decent player who 14yr old kids slate
when he doesnt perform.
Fergie is to blame for this.


I am surprised with Mr Ferguson too !!

Not once with United has he shown even a little hint of sentimentality !!

Stam - problem - out !
Kanchelskis - problem - out !
RVN - problem - out !
Beckham - problem - out !

.............and the list goes on !


For some reason he seems to be clinging to Giigsy.

Only 3 members of the Class of '92 remain now - so maybe it's hard for him to let people have said here - Giggs is past his best and it is not like we
have any shortage in midfield !!
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