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Hargreaves: Fans Dererve Parade

Owen Hargreaves is looking forward to taking part in the Reds’ double trophy parade at Old Trafford on 6 August, a celebration he feels is 10 weeks later than it should have been.

The midfielder was as disappointed as anyone when United were forced to shelve plans for an open-top bus tour around Manchester because of trouble between fans in the city centre after the UEFA Cup final on 14 May.

But he is now urging fans to take a one-off chance to see the silverware and celebrate United’s historic 2007/08 campaign ahead of what promises to be a high-quality pre-season friendly against Italian giants Juventus.

“It’s a belated but great opportunity for the fans to see the trophies,” he told “We didn’t have a celebration after the Champions League final and this is something that should have happened earlier, straight after we came back from Moscow.

“The players, staff and fans who put so much work into the season were disappointed not to go on a parade. It’s a shame that it was cancelled because of other people’s actions at the UEFA Cup final.

“The double was a crowning achievement and it should be celebrated - it doesn’t happen very often.”

An hour before kick-off against Juve, the United players will walk out with the Premier League and Champions League trophies, for photos at all four stands.

Hargreaves, who is recovering from a recurrence of the tendonitis which disrupted the start of his United career, is keen to be involved in the evening’s events.

“I hope I get to carry out a trophy!” the 27-year-old added. “Obviously it’s not the same environment as it would have been, but it’s probably too late to have a bus parade now.
“It’s nevertheless a wonderful chance for everyone to see the trophies again. Hopefully we’ll have a good game against Juve and the fans will enjoy a great evening.”
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