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..Liverpool did it today.

Win the toss and have us attack the Stretford End more often I would think is what teams would want if they won the toss. Surely United don't alwasy win the toss up, so why would teams stay as they are?

Its something I was wondering last week as we played Inter, and hey presto, Liverpool ended up doing it today. It must surely play on the mids slightly, no?

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You watch a United season review dvd or whatever...99% of home game sthey attack the Stretford End in the second half...

...same with Liverpool and the Kop for example...
I'd imagine pretty much every team enjoys attacking towards one end on the 1st half and another on the 2nd. We're the same, 2nd half, we prefer to attack toward the south, because that's where most of our Ultras are.

Nevertheless, my point still stands.
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