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Uefa insists no Euro 2008 qualifiers are under suspicion as part of an investigation into match-fixing.

German magazine Der Spiegel has claimed that 15 matches from this season, and up to 26 in total, have prompted concern from Uefa.

But European football's governing body has been quick to allay any suggestions that Euro 2008 qualifiers may have been fixed.

"Uefa introduced, over one year ago, an early warning system in order to monitor irregular betting activities, and agreed to work together with the appropriate police authorities," read a Uefa statement.

"In this respect we were informed of some unusual betting patterns in the preliminary rounds of Uefa club competitions.

Avoidance of doubt

"In one case, a second round Uefa Intertoto Cup match, the disciplinary inspector considered the circumstances serious enough to bring the case before the Uefa Control and Disciplinary Body.

"At its meeting on Thursday, November 29 it requested further investigations be carried out before taking a final decision.

"For the avoidance of doubt, there are no investigations under way into any of the qualifying matches for Euro 2008.

"As a responsible governing body Uefa is continuously monitoring football betting patterns and will take disciplinary action in any cases where that may be justified."

Meanwhile, Uefa president Michel Platini told Welt am Sonntag: "Uefa is investigating 15 games in cooperation with Europol.

"We discussed this problem with the European Union during its conference in Brussels on violence in sport."

Unlucky England fans....!!!............Good news for football in general.......:)

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I was reading about this yesterday.

Investigations into match fixing can take years. There was a case in 2004 that still has not been resolved.

Apart from strange betting patterns it is difficult to find evidence to support these claims.
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